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  1. This isn't surprising since Nintendo has always been weird about people trying to stream their games. I'm a little surprised they are going to build in game recording at all.
  3. No, it makes perfect sense. They LOVE to monetize all gameplay footage, so make it easier to get stuff online so Nintendo has more stuff to monetize!
  4. Switch sales are still going strong, with it outselling PS4 and Xbone in September. Its sold 2 million units since launch. Assuming they can keep up with demand, I easily see them doubling that number during the holiday season.

    I was gung ho about getting a Switch at the end of the year, but I think I may infinitely delay that. I definitely plan on getting one, but given my backlog of games across 3 different platforms, coupled with some open world time sinks coming up (Yakuza 6, Witcher 3, and possibly Destiny 2) I think that adding the Switch and its library won't help things. Also, given my financial situation, coming home with a new console and games likely won't go over well with the missus.
  5. Yeah, I thought about looking for bundles around Black Friday but I'm just going to keep waiting. The only announced bundle is the Mario Odyssey bundle and it costs $20 more than the game and system do separately. Sure it has a nice color scheme and includes a travel case but that is not the kind of bundle I'm looking for. Besides, I already have more games than I have time to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It doesn't make sense for me to buy a Switch yet.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey review embargo is up. Looks like the Switch finally has its killer, must have exclusive (Zelda BOTW was on Wii U so that doesn't count)

  7. Oh joy, 2 months of my boys begging me for that game. Which reminds me, I need to make sure to check the mail when I get home and hide it with other christmas stuff.
  8. Nintendo has sold nearly 8 million Switch consoles. They're selling at about a rate of 1 million a month. Nintendo is now predicting that the Switch will outsell the Wii U's entire lifespan sale in its first year (Wii U sold 15.56 million units in FIVE years.) If Nintendo can keep their stock up, thanks to the new Super Mario game I don't see why Nintendo can't fulfill this goal.

    Nintendo expects Switch will beat Wii U lifetime sales in a year
  9. Rocket League is coming to the Switch on November 14th.

  10. There's a big (no pun intended) problem brewing with the Switch's 3rd party developers. Nearly every major (read AAA port) release from 3rd party developers are exceptionally large in terms of required storage size, with a number of them being even larger than the standard available memory on the Switch. And even if you pick up cartridge versions of the games, thanks to the high GB -> Price fee for cartridges, many will require you to download a significant file update to get the games to even work. It's also common for the required file to be bigger than what is provided on the cartridge.

    What also should be noted is that 1st party games are not running into these issues, with all the games being under 16 GB (That number is significant because 16 is the cartridge storage size everyone is using.)

    Hopefully Nintendo can work with 3rd party developers to get their file sizes more in check when it comes to their ports. I know it was basic knowledge that an SD card was a "required accessory" with the Switch, but if you were to get a standard 128 GB card and picked up 3 AAA ports you could lose over half your available space. And I think the last thing Nintendo and 3rd Parties want is an additional reason for people to not buy Switch Ports.
  11. Problem is, developers have gotten lazy with their code and the amount of room they take. Even the PS4 & Xbox One run out of space quickly with their stock drives.
  12. WWE 2K18 was just released on the Switch. Now, everyone expects a bit of a performance/fidelity hit when certain AAA titles get ported to the system's inferior hardware, but this is insultingly bad. Releasing the game in this state is unacceptable.

    Edit: Looking through Reddit shows that performance is varied among various people. It may not be as bad as what the video is portraying to everyone, but it's definitely happening enough to cause a stir among the players.
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