Facepalm thread

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  1. It appears that Steam Direct, you know, that thing that was supposed to replace the mess that was Greenlight, is actually making things WORSE on Steam. This is being proven by the fact that now even MORE crappy games are making it to Steam and where now Steam had to shut down a "Developer" who released 173 games which were all just slightly modified asset flips.

    I Wish Valve would actually step in and not wait until things get so INCREDIBLY bad that not doing something could be construed as borderline illegal...

  3. In my review of Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, which I'm sure you ALL watched, I mentioned that the game felt very lacking and that it didn't feel like it should cost $60, especially in a world where the Netherrealm games provide so much content both for single and competitive players.

    Well, it appears that the lacking content and shoddy design are the result of an incredibly low-budget game. According to this report, the budget for the game was about half of that of Street Fighter V's DLC. NOT the full game, but just the DLC. Speaking of DLC, all the DLC characters are already done. Capcom decided to take them out and hold them hostage as DLC. So what had the budget of maybe a $30 game is being priced at $90 (Game + All DLC.)

  4. Jim Sterling has started a new series where he reads comments from "hardcore" gamers about various subjects/games as an old British Aristocrat. It sounds silly, but I find it really amusing. Just makes you laugh at the awful thought that there are gamers who actually believe the stuff he is saying. NSFW language

    Commentocracy - YouTube