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  1. Gaming nowadays has its fair share of incidents that warrant this


    But not necessarily their own dedicated thread, so I made this thread for all the cringe worthy/facepalming incidents. This would be things like gamers reacting childishly/inappropriately to something, devs reacting childishly/inappropriately to something, and the like.

    In today's story, Endless Legend, a strategy game on Steam, recently saw its positive rating get knocked down to "Mixed." Was it because the game broke or the devs made a bad decision? No, it's because of a deluge of negative reviews from Chinese gamers stemming from a mod that was removed, which was a Chinese Language mod that simply provided a link to a pirated version of the game that the Mod would work for (the newest version doesn't support it.) The devs got the mod removed from Steam Workshop and that's what caused all the negativity, because the devs didn't want people to get access to a free copy of the game.

  3. It looks like the damage has been reversed. I just went to the Steam store page to read some of the reviews and the game has a "very positive" rating from both overall and recent reviews. If it was listed as "positive" before they actually benefited from this because they have been bumped up to "very positive."
  4. Well it got bumped back up because fans saw what was happening and then deluged the game with positive reviews. It had Very Positive before, so now it's back to what it was.
  5. Gamespot gave Gears 4 a 7 out of 10. CLEARLY Gamespot is a biased organization being paid off by Sony!

    Related, Phil Spencer thinks that reviewers will give negative reviews to get more clicks. Yeah, that might be somewhat true in established/hyped games like Uncharted or Halo. Doesn't really fly when you claim it happened to an almost indie game made by the same company behind Mighty No 9 that had numerous issues on release.

  6. Yeah, this is just dumb. No matter what score a game gets people claim the reviewer was paid off. If an Xbox game gets a 9 or 10 Playstation fans claim that Microsoft paid off the reviewer. If Gears gets a 7 Xbox fans claim that Sony paid off the reviewer. Some games have people from both sides saying the other side paid off reviewers for the same review. The whole thing is idiotic.

    I think it was a weird thing to suggest but I also think context is important. I clicked the link you posted to the Neogaf thread from there I clicked a link to an article from some website called MCV with the with the following headline meant to make Spencer look like he said something more outrageous than he actually did.

    Xbox boss says some reviewers give low scores for clicks

    The MCV article itself, was an article about a Gamespot article.

    From there I clicked into the Gamespot article that the whole mess emerged from.


    When I actually read what he said instead of a headline designed to make him look dumb and generate more clicks I think his answer was pretty reasonable. His part about reviewers sometimes giving a game a bad score for clicks came after he mentioned that a reviewer gave Forza Horizon 3 a 4. This review he is talking about is on the bottom of Forza Horizon 3's Metacritic page where it has a score of 91 by the way. To me this quote is much more reasonable than the author from MCV tried to make it out to be.
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  8. Youtube reviewed the claim and blocked it, thus restoring the video.

  9. Apparently some achievements in Battlefield 1 are based on hardware..

  10. I present this...

  11. Let's play "What's wrong with this picture?"

  12. Just more reason to think that the PC version of COD games isn't the priority. Also, that guy's internet speeds are terrible.
  13. On a side note, in those screens on the PS4 the system stops recording your gameplay, which I found somewhat amusing.

    Luckily I have an Open NAT so I'm all good with my games.
  14. So the Titanfall Twitter account (which is run by EA) decided to post this:

    It's not hard to tell that they're talking about Infinite Warfare. What makes this move more baffling is the fact that the developers of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, is made up of many of the same people (or at least 2 of the more famous) from Infinity Ward, the developers of Infinite Warfare. So they quickly distanced themselves with this tweet:

    It should be noted that Respawn is in an interesting situation in that even though EA is their publisher, Titanfall the IP is owned by Respawn, undoubtedly the result of what went down between them and Activision over Call of Duty. So EA and Respawn are truly different entities, unlike in most scenarios where a publisher has total control over what a dev does.
  15. Alex, what is "add your PlayStation®4 system to DMZ"?