Nintendo Switch Thread

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  1. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Embargo is up. Looks like Ubisoft did a good job. I haven't seen reviews like this for a game like this since.. well, XCom. Sadly it does carry the STINK of Ubisoft as it is the first Mario game I've ever seen that has a Season Pass....

  3. Amazon has my boy's copies set for delivery tomorrow. I'll have to let them play it and see how good/bad it is. They'll enjoy the 2 player co-op. I won't enjoy it if I have to pay more for DLC on both copies.
  4. Originally the mashup of Mario and Rabbids sounded terrible to me but then I saw the XCOM style play during E3. I would definitely buy this if I had a Switch.
  5. The funny thing is that when Laura K Buzz leaked this back in November, everyone thought it was too stupid to be real. Granted some of the details changed with time, but it was fun to see it come to fruition.

    I'll definitely rent this when I eventually get my Switch, but I still wish that we had gotten a Rayman crossover...

  6. The "Definitive" Edition of Rayman Legends is out today. According to Digital Foundry, it may not really earn the title of "Definitive." Granted, it's by no means a BAD port, but it appears that data compression and weird design issues have left this version lacking in areas that older versions excelled at.

  7. Digital Foundry did some tech analysis of the upcoming Doom 2016 port.

    While it is impressive that they were able to get the game on the Switch, I really question who this game is for. I suppose the idea of playing Doom wherever you want is pretty cool, but the 30 FPS REALLY kills the experience. Doom is at its best when you're playing at that fast paced 60+ FPS rate. I understand that 60 was likely impossible given the hardware constraints, but given the numerous better options, it seems weird to spend $60 on this extremely reduced version when you can get the better console and PC versions for at most half the price of $30.

    It'll be interesting to see how the new Wolfenstein looks on the Switch as well, but I fear that low sales on the Switch for these games may push Bethesda away. Honestly I wish big publishers would focus less on glaringly inferior ports and more on games that really take advantage of the Switch hardware. Unless you're selling a great local multiplayer experience, the advantage of "Its portable" isn't enough to sway me, and I think many others feel the same.
  8. I agree that Doom and Wolfenstein feel like weird fits for the Switch. I doubt publishers like Bethesda are going to want to invest resources into designing games specifically for that platform though. They are multiplatform for a reason. I think this is Bethesda testing the waters on Switch to see if it is a viable platform for simultaneous releases with their games in the future. Either they will make money off them and continue to put games out on Switch or they won't make money and they will ignore the platform. Either way I don't see them trying to develop specifically for the Switch because they aren't going to make something they can't sell to the millions of PC, PS4, and Xbox gamers.
  9. Not necessarily. Publishers have had success with Nintendo exclusive games in the past, and it's not like with the Wii U where the sales were so low that it made literally no sense to develop any games. The Switch will likely end up with more global sales in its first 12 months than the Wii U had for its entire lifespan. Granted that will take some time, but I'd argue that the resources spent on porting AAA releases to the Switch could be better spent on smaller, more Switch-Centric titles. They don't have to be AAA quality games either. I just have to believe that a $40 game that takes advantage of the Switch hardware or is at least a better targeted mobile experience is a better investment than a standard $60 AAA that is tangibly inferior and only has a perk of being able to be played everywhere.
  10. This works for Ubisoft. They have done it in the past and continue to do it with games like Mario + Rabbids. I don't think Bethesda is ever going to be the kind of publisher that does this though. I would be very surprised to see them make a game designed to take advantage of the Switch's features instead of a big budget, AAA game they can put out on everything.