Super Nintendo Classic - Avail Sept 29

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  1. I hope so. I really want one of these.
  3. That is what I did. I used a RPi Zero though.
  4. No, I actually have not cased it up yet. But have had fun with it. :)
  5. Was able to snag one from GameStop’s website this afternoon. They had them up for maybe 5-10 minutes before they sold out. I got an order confirmation and our card was charged.
  6. If you’re able to find one available again , any chance you could get it and I can pay you via PayPal ? I can pay for the shipping and all. It’s for my brother .
  7. It's only been out for a week. Just like I told him, it'll be easier to get than the NES Classic since Nintendo is making more than last time. Don't resort to 2nd hand sales quite yet. Besides, I don't think he's in the market to sell it.
  8. I’ll keep an eye out for another one. The GameStop ones were a surprise. Like yourbeliefs said there should be more supply coming. I’ve read several reports that Nintendo is making more than they did for the NES Classic.
  9. Woohoo! I got my shipping confirmation. It will be here Tuesday. I told my wife that we need some Mario Kart battles.
  10. Good. I want to add Chrono Trigger and Turtles in Time.
  11. Supposedly GameStop and ThinkGeek are getting more stock today.
  12. Got an SNES Classic over the counter from GameStop today ($79.99 + tax). Clerk said they just came in today (Oct. 11). Gonna decide if I want to keep it and play, or give it to my grandson.

    My son and I played for hours on the original in the 90's.
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  13. I went to one of the Wal-Mart's that was just outside the commercial zone where all the other stores are that people would clock to both last year and this year, on the launch days for the NES Classic and SNES Classic. Both times I got the system. My big thing now is to remove the games off the NES Classic that are on the SNES Classic and open up some room. I decided not to hack the SNES, although I did hack the NES.
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  14. I’m playing Earthbound for the first time. I’m really digging this game! We also have a Super Mario Kart rivalry going on in our house. I got told I cheat....