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  1. We'll use this thread to post links to news stories about PC Console games.
  2. Makes sense. I spent about twice as much on my PC build as I did for the $500 Xbox One. That was with using AMD parts in an effort to get the most bang for my buck while still trying to hit the new console specs. This was about a year before the consoles launched.

    Some people spend about 3 times as much as I did on my build so I didn't even go all out. It's easy to sink thousands into a PC if you have the disposable income to do so. I wouldn't recommend it unless you HAVE to game in 4K or use multiple monitors but there are some ridiculously expensive gaming PC parts out there.
  5. Star Citizen

    This Sci Fi Shooter will be a must have and they raised over $50 Mil and the guy behind it know how to do Sci Fi shooters the right way.

  11. That's a little misleading.. They didn't buy "Minecraft," but they bought "Mojang", the STUDIO that makes Minecraft. So really this is Microsoft buying another game studio. All the company heads will be leaving, including Notch. It should be noted that Notch hasn't done development on Minecraft in a LONG time.
  12. The Hornets Rock that a ship for sure I plan on getting..