GameStop is bringing back game rentals (Seriously)


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Sep 20, 2007
In an interesting exercise in word play, GameStop is introducing Powerpass. You pay $60 and for 6 months you get to play as many games as you want (one out at a time) from GameStop's pre-owned library. So yeah, it's basically the old rental plans that Blockbuster/Hollywood video used to have. It starts on November 19.

On the one hand, I think it's cool that we finally are getting a national rental service back. I think that gamers have been hurt due to lack of rental options. I get why publishers don't like them, as they can potentially cut down on sales, but they definitely expose people to more games by not forcing a purchase to simply try out a game. I've been a Gamefly member for many years and I have discovered many games that I never would have because I wouldn't want to just buy them to try them out.

On the other though, I'm not sure it's good to make the "pool" of games only the games people have traded in. I think this is going to result in a GLUT of older, unwanted games available, while the newer and more popular titles will be hard to come by. Also, this could lead to a cannibalizing pre-owned sales (can't buy a game that isn't on the shelf because it's at someone's house), but I get the feeling that GS is already suffering in this area, because if pre-owned games were selling really well, this new service would not exist.

Personally I don't see myself giving up my GF membership anytime soon, primarily because they're pretty solid in terms of getting brand new games on release date, which is something I don't see happening with this new service. Of course, I'd love to be proven wrong and have a cheaper rental option available.

Edit: For clarification, there is no online rentals. It's only in stores.
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I would try it out if it included new titles. I still may, but I will wait awhile and see how things goes. I can be at a GS in about 15mins from my house...much quicker than waiting on GF. So when I saw this it piqued my interest, but...

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