Super Nintendo Classic - Avail Sept 29

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  2. WOW! That's a crazy list of games. Some of those sell for hundreds in mint shape right now. I paid $60 just for a repro of Earthbound last winter. I almost want to buy this even though I have an SNES already just because you can't get those games for less than $80.
  3. Good lineup and the 2nd controller is a nice touch, but I do wish there was a few more games. Hopefully the scalpers/scammers won't ruin it for everyone again.

    My thoughts here:

  4. It may not be a ton of games but for $80 it's a steal. If you tried to buy all of those games for an SNES now you'd have to spend close to $1,000, unless you're buying new repros.
  5. So my Super NES that my daughter plays ever so often with quite a few games is worth something again? I think I even still have the cartridge that you plug in so you could play your Game Boy games on the SNES. Have an old tube TV I have kept around just to play these games. So cool that they are bringing these back!
  6. Composite out only?
  7. The NES Classic and SNES Classic are both HDMI.

    Edit: I read that the controller cables are 5' long this time. That's definitely better than the 3' controllers on the NES Classic but it still seems like it will be a little short too for lots of people to play comfortably in their living rooms. I know it might hurt the retro esthetic but it would have been nice if the controllers were bluetooth.
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  8. Depending on the games she has some could be worth a lot. I occasionally buy some used games for my old SNES. Last year I bought NHL 94' and a few years before I bought Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run.
  9. It's cheaper if you use Virtual Console, which has been notably absent with the latest Nintendo console. (I'm not saying VC is cheaper than this, but it's a more viable option than getting cartridge copies.)

    On the topic of shortages and scalpers (via Destructoid)
  10. But are all those games available on VC?
  11. Who knows? The VC system is so messed up between Wii, Wii U and New 3DS that it's not worth tracking.

    I'm not saying that the SNES Classic is a bad deal, but I don't think it's apt to compare the value of it to that of buying used physical copies of all the games, especially since there are very simple free alternatives as well. Not saying that everyone should be going with the latter option, but I also don't think it's fair to view this as an option to save hundreds of dollars on games.
  12. Speaking of Virtual Console, why not sell a cartridge for the Switch that includes all the games in the SNES Classic for $60? Even though it would be cheaper than the SNES Classic that goes for $80 it should be quite a bit more profitable for Nintendo since they don't have to manufacture, store, and ship the hardware. They could also have a second $60 Switch cartridge with all the NES Classic games on it.

    I would personally rather just buy the few games I really want for $5 each on Virtual Console when they finally bring it to Switch but I can see something like this selling pretty well. A lot of Switch owners might not want another device in their entertainment center taking up an HDMI port, or they might not be able to find a SNES Classic in stock but they would be happy to have these full game collections on their Switch. Being able to play the games in handheld mode is also an added benefit.
  13. I'm sure there's probably some licensing issues or perhaps issues with emulation. Nintendo hasn't really been in the business (AFAIK) of reselling multi-carts of their old games and they seem to be more focused on bringing new stuff instead of old.

    Still, if they did do that lord knows it'd probably cut into the cell phone emulation "business." I'd much rather play old games on a Switch with actual buttons as opposed to using soft screen, which drastically reduces the amount of viable games you can play (which I don't do because of reasons mentioned here, and lack of time).
  14. It could also be a digital only purchase. I can't imagine those old games take up much storage space. I think most of them have probably been available through Virtual Console on one platform or another at this point. They also got the rights to bundle them all together for the NES Classic and SNES Classic. I can't imagine it would be that much harder to get the rights to bundle them together for the Switch.

    They might not have emulation running on a Switch yet, which could explain why there is no Virtual Console on Switch right now. We know it's coming though. They have already announced that there was going to be a library of classic games included with the online subscription. Plus people are able to get NES and SNES emulators running on just about everything. It can't be that hard to get it running on a Switch.
  15. Here's how the SNES Classic should look in a few years:

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  16. That is really funny. Mine never did turn yellow, but I saw several that did.
  17. The President of Nintendo of America claims that there won't be supply issues for the SNES classic and that people should not buy them on auction at marked up prices.

    I think things will get a bit better once these things arrive in actual stores. It's easy for bots to grab online orders, but if you force 1 per person sales in stores that'll at least cut down on the abuse/scalpers significantly.
  18. Anyone have stock locally? I’ll gladly pay if anyone can find one.
  19. I wouldn't go crazy yet with trying to get one second hand. The system has been out for less than a week. Nintendo is ramping up production on this so I don't think you'll run into the same issues (or at least not as severe) as what happened with the NES Classic.