XBOX HD DVD ADD ON works without 360?

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Dec 18, 2005
Is the following true? You dont have to have the XBOX 360 to use the add on with your CPU?

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Nov 13, 2006

According to various sources on the internet the XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on drive will work on a Windows XP equipped PC. All it requires are some drivers (still unofficial), a USB2 connection and a HD-DVD playback program like WinDVD 8. Others have tested it on recent builds of Windows Vista. Here the drive works without drivers. It even connects without drivers to a Apple computer with Mac OS X. However, no playback software is currently available on that platform.

This is a very interesting development. It will give million of PC owners a very cheap and easy way to expand their Home Theater PC with HD-DVD playback.

We hope to review this option soon, so stay tuned.

A full review of the drive used with it's original purpose a XBOX 360

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