Xfinity Mobile now offering $200 off phones, no contract


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Dec 28, 2010
Northwest Georgia
As an Xfinity phone customer, you need at least their internet. I have both, but love Xfinity Mobile. My bill last month was $10.20. I pay by the Gig, and in Chattanooga south to here in North GA, hotspots are everywhere. They have invested heavily to even put up mobile hotspots on utility poles up and down major highways all the way from Chattanooga to Lafayette GA, a good 35 miles south of Chattanooga. Now you can get a phone of your choice for $200 off, no contract. My phone, if I had waited 2 months, would have cost 4 cents per month instead of $7.50 per month. No contract. Up to 5 lines, any style, uses Verizon towers. Just a heads up. Might sound too good to be true, but I'm paying for their service and you can't beat $10.20 per month by the Gig, new phone, unlimited talk and text. Small amount of data provided with both plans. Worth a look!! Andy
PS---I'm a cord cutter, at least from their cable. There is no other internet provider except for Windstream DSL (6meg down only) and satellite. I hate Comcast but do like their phone service. I'm happy with DirectvNow and Netflix

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