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May 7, 2004
I just received my 522 and am happy with it altho after a pause on a recorded event, the sound is gone after resuming...i just hit forward and the sound comes back...but I have a couple of questions. When I set up a timer on TV1, the schedule that appears after the setup is completed says that tuner 2 is the tuner where the event is being recorded. Is there a section in the setup that allows me to switch between tuners? I looked but did not find it. Also, I have read in here about 522 updates and how you access those updates by using the menu screen etc. I thought the updates would be downloaded automatically at night or whenever you program them to occur via the phone line connection. Thanks in advance...Riski
sorry folks...after reading the rest of the posts...this was already addressed in another bad...Riski
MENU 8 - 6 [Record Plus]

Allows you to set up the way timers are set up between tuners.

If enabled you can push events to the unused tuner.

Updates are streamed via satellite feed and stored until the nightly reset. (usually 3AM, but you can set your 522 to update at whatever time you want, or never)

The phone connection is only for PPV reporting.
Mark_AR said:
... The phone connection is only for PPV reporting.
Unh. It's also used for anti-piracy when you have a lot of receivers (they use caller ID to ensure all the receivers are in the same place).

And, possibly, it can be used to send viewing habits like TiVo does. I've not heard that Dish is actually doing that, but they sure could.
Mark_AR said:
MENU 8 - 6 [Record Plus]

The phone connection is only for PPV reporting.
Yeah, this "phone line is just for PPVs" concept is pretty outdated.

In addition to the security function of proving the whereabouts of the receiver it's to allow for (and encourage) use of the Open TV interactive functions. Some of the features & games are subscription based revenue opportunities for DISH so I suppose you could technically call them "PPV."

And, of course, it's necessary for Caller ID.

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