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Since the SatelliteGuys app is no longer supported by Tapatalk and was removed from the App stores, I need to figure out a way to have something for the mobile users.

We get a lot of traffic from Google and I am told we would get more and be higher ranked if our mobile site was rendered in "AMP" (Accelerated Mobile Pages). well there is a new Plugin for Xenforo which adds this feature and appears to work well. This plugin costs about $100 (when converted from the British Pound) and then has a $40 a year renewal fee.

Now while you can continue to use Tapatalk to access SatelliteGuys, another company has not released their own Community App, but what it costs I don't know.

Should we look at either of these things?
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I get along pretty good in my cell phone just using the Chrome browser with email notification of threads I follow, new post, etc. I have icons for both in my cell phone home desktop so to speak to get to things quickly. But I am game to anything.
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I agree the site should be rendered in AMP for phones and such, if we can swing it.
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There are some intriguing limitations to AMP (especially the single CSS) so it may be useful to see a preview what the result looks like.

Are there some well-known of sites that use AMP (Google pages may or may not be a good example)?
Now while you can continue to use Tapatalk to access SatelliteGuys

I've been trying to use the app and it just re-directs me to Google Play, first to install Tapatalk and now to open it but forums never open. The error message reads: "Invalid License - This forum is currently not available on this app. Please contact the forum administrator."
The app is no longer supported. We expected it to die a long time ago and now it finally has.

Whats funny is on iOS it gives an error message yet still works.
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Oddly, the newer Reader version is “demo mode” but the older one works fine. Guess where I’m posting this from?
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I wish they would still support it, but they are not they want people to use their Tapatalk app as then they collect all the ad revenue.

Oh well I am glad it lasted a year longer then we expected. :)

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