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    Versus Removed Sept 1 from DirecTV

    This is not good news for hockey fans. I am not happy! :mad:
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    MLB...Looking forward to it!

    Link to Directv page with channel changes DIRECTV - Sports Channel Changes
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    Wiring a 5th DVR receiver

    Anyone know of a good switch. I need two more conections.
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    NFL Network HD getting 721 error

    I am up now too.
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    NHL Center Ice HD Channels Not up

    They are in the guide, just do not come in.
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    NHL Center Ice HD Channels Not up

    I just talked to my brother has same problem.
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    NHL Center Ice HD Channels Not up

    I can not access any center ice hd channels. SD working fine, HD channels do not even show up in guide. I checked channels I recieve in the menu and they are not listed. Went to custom 1 and marked all of them they now show up shaded in the guide (like the others channels I do not receive) and...
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    HR21/HR20 problems today?

    Same thing here. All 4 of mine had to be unplugged to restart.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket in HD

    Anyone know where I can look up the blackout territories. Dtv had a zip code box at one time.
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    Best multi switch

    Looking to replace my multi switch in my on going effort to correct some issues I have been having. Please give me some feedback on the multi switch you are running with any pros and cons. :) THANKS I am running 2 HR20-700, 1 HR21-600 and 1 standard def receiver. All with 2 coax leads to them.
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    Is Directv DVRs that bad?

    Thanks. I love my D**tv just want it to work smooth. Thanks for all the help guys. The techs who have come out have less knowledge of the system then I and that does not say much.
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    Is Directv DVRs that bad?

    I have mentioned and I am not bitching, just looking for help.
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    Having receiver trouble again.

    Signal strenghths are good. We have 4 receivers on the same dish (3) HR20-700 and 1 std def All work great accept 1 right now. Main trouble we had last night was, while watching a recorded program the screen went black, the sound continued for about 20 seconds then silent. At that time the...
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    Having receiver trouble again.

    Has real good open air. Thanks I will try anything at this point to end this.
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    Is Directv DVRs that bad?

    I take it you have had a lot of trouble as well.