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    Channel Master Editor

    I have version 1.20.1, gladly upload for the masses. :)
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    Reviews: SatHawk PVR800 WorldDVB DVB-S2 HD FTA Receiver

    I see a lot of confusion in the audio realm and the use of terminology. AC-3 is the coined term for Dolby Digital encoded stream. A dvd player, STB etc; when set to "pcm", will decode the surround signal whether it is AC-3 or whatever else it can do and then send it out HDMI or opt/coax. When...
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    FTA Motorsports

    For racing information you should check out Ricks Satellite forum. That is the place for motor head, among other great information. :) Ricks Satellite Wildfeed and Backhaul Forum
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    reed sensor or magnet wheel

    So last night I was scanning the arc with my fortec mercury II with G-box and noticed my counts are off from what they were. I had noticed this with the coolsat over the past week but now its way off. Is it odd to only go to like -480 on the east to 200 on the west? This tells me my arm isn't...
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    lnb and dish setup

    I need to tweak my f/d as well. Unfortunately I busted the set screw mount from the scalar ring on my c2. I was able to epoxy it back in place. I also glued the feed horn in place at according to where my chaparal feed horn stuck out. Anyway my thought was I can adjust the distance by using...
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    Special: SatHawk PVR800 WorldDVB DVB-S2 HD FTA Receiver

    awesome! That is the way good businesses get repeat customers. :up
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    lnb and dish setup

    I am not sure which 10ft dish you have but perhaps your calculations are off. If you have the Geosatpro C2 lnbf then make sure it is rotated 90deg. so that the 0 mark is facing 9 or 3 o' clock when mounted in the scalar ring. Here is a list of dish specs that might help you with your f/d settings.
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    Special: SatHawk PVR800 WorldDVB DVB-S2 HD FTA Receiver

    I put in an order before you posted this but after you stated you ran out of the first batch. I was under the impression the discount was still in place through the 25th, regardless of "in stock" or not. If this should have been a PM I apologize but, thought others may have been in the same...
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    combine c-band G-box, and ku motor with switch

    So then how are you doing this exactly crackt?
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    combine c-band G-box, and ku motor with switch

    how do i switch between them with the ecoda? does it matter which one is on the 22kHz leg? I assume i set every sat I want to get with the 22k leg that it needs to be on to function right? I do not see how that would stop the Ku side from moving with the diseqc 1.2 command I use on the c-band...
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    combine c-band G-box, and ku motor with switch

    I was afraid this was going to be a tough one, if not impossible. What if one used an A/B box, that would separate C from KU at any point along the arc I would think. Question is is there any issue of bandwidth or communications going through one of those boxes.
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    combine c-band G-box, and ku motor with switch

    I just got my bud operational, and fired my ku back up as well. I need to be able to switch between a standard lnb ku motorized, and a G-box controlled c-band lnbf setup. I have a few receivers but am at the moment just concerned about hooking one up (coolsat 6k). I have 2 ecoda 22kHz...
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    Geosatpro C2 f/d ratio, focal length ?

    I am in the process of setting up my c-band dish (7ft unimesh) and have a question about this lnbf. When setting the f/d ratio which surface do you go by to line up with the scale on the side? I assumed you go by the back edge where the set screw is. When setting the focal length do you go...
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    My other hobbies.

    My first hobby is my trade, I design loudspeakers for the consumer and commercial market for a very large speaker company. That flows into my other hobbies which include home theater, car audio, and pretty much anything electronics related. Other honorable mentions include... motorcycles, on...