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    96 Hopper Timer Limit Removed

    Is this for the Original Hopper too?
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    New feature - HDMI-CEC

    This actually screwed up my current HDMI-CEC setup. When I would hit the SAT button my my remote, it flipped my Samsung TV's input to another HDMI port instead of the one that the Hopper is on. I had to disable it to get things working again. It's too bad, as I like this feature.
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    Hopper S246 Joey S294 Is Out

    My previous issues with the cancel button not backing out properly seem to be fixed with this update, but I did notice a new issue when scrolling through the daily schedule for my Futurama timer. As I scrolled to the bottom of the list of events for the timer, the screen went black and then it...
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    S244 is out

    We're seeing another issue with trying to set a timer to end late, the option now seems to be greyed out on some timers, not sure why.
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    S244 is out

    We noticed a new change that is unfortunate. If you go into the Timer Schedule for a specific timer and then press Cancel, it goes to Live TV instead of going back to the list of timers like it used to. It seems like the only way to get back to the list of timers now is to press the red button...
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    Timers not recording

    This has been a problem for quite a while and it seems to pop up when you either get close to the timer limit (96) or the event limit (574.) What we've had to do to temporarily correct it is to edit the timer from DVR to Auto Tune, save it, check the schedule to make sure that the missing...
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    Hopper has reached max timers after only 33

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    Two major problems we're seeing with Original Hopper.

    Thanks for the replies, I'm not quite ready to give up on it yet! It seems much more stable now that we've trimmed out some of the timers and events. I'm still amazed how these limits are still so low on relatively new equipment.
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    Two major problems we're seeing with Original Hopper.

    We have seen a couple major issues with our Original Hopper recently and I haven't seen anyone else post about these, so I wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issues. The more troublesome issue is that when we press the DVR button 3 times to get to the Daily Schedule, the screen...
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    Hopper S229 / S230 Feedback!

    I didn't have any Rentals, the empty folder just showed up after the 230 update and it hasn't gone away.
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    Hopper S229 / S230 Feedback!

    Yes, I'm on 230.
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    Hopper S229 / S230 Feedback!

    Is there any way to get rid of the Rentals Icon on the My Recordings screen? Also, I've noticed several times that it takes 2 tries to delete recordings and it still occasionally jumps ahead too far when using the skip forward while watching a recording.
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    Hopper S222 Feedback

    I'm seeing a new issue with 222. When I'm watching something live and something else starts recording on another tuner, the screen just goes black. I had to change channels and then come back to fix it. It's happened twice to me today and I've never seen it before.
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    Hopper has reached max timers after only 33

    What I would like to see is a way to add a specific window of time for the timer to pay attention to and ignore events outside of that window. So, like for my timer for Futurama, I would set it for New episodes, but only on Thursdays between the hours of 8 pm and 1 am, or something like that...
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    PTAT Feature Suggestion

    I can't believe that they are actually implementing what I proposed! :)