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    Dp 44

    depending on how you feed your power suplies i have done 6 cascading DP44s.
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    Dish UHF Remote Address Change

    to be on the safe side you may want to disconect your antenna on the rec you dont want to change the address on. just to be on the safe side
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    625 remote question

    this is very possable. you need to get a #1 UHF remote the 6.0 remote should do the trick.
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    Signed up for Dish - Don't qualify for new customer special deals

    Dish is trying to get everyone to lease their equipment, therefore the will not extend any specials to customers who purchase their equipment out right. They end up making out better with leased equipment than the sold and they can hold you to a longer contract if you lease.
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    t-55 dish problems

    what type of dish are you using? If dish 1000 are you using DPPs LNBS? if you are using Super Dish than yes you will have to use a DP34. sounds like an alignmet issue
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    How many dishes needed?

    thanks Iceberg
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    Picture Clarity

    yes that will work fine,
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    How many dishes needed?

    the Dish 1000 is not that much bigger than the Dish 500(20"). the 1000 picks up three orbital locations. the Super Dish also picks up 3 locations but is much larger
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    How many dishes needed?

    correct me if i am wrong Iceberg, but HD that is on 61.5 is simulcast ot 129. i am pretty sure in Motown you can pick up 129 and just put a Dish 1000 up.
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    Picture Clarity

    not a problem and welcome to satelliteguys,
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    Picture Clarity

    you dont have to use the s-video, standard video would work just get if off the coax, i am sure you have a front jack or posiblable one on the side you could use you would just have to look at the wires.
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    Lifetime Networks worth 50 cents/Month--$6 million a month for all subs

    if liftime gets away with it than every other channel will want to do the same thing and raise their rates when they can, you have to draw the line somewhere.
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    Picture Clarity

    from the dish to the receiver doesnt matter. you should hook up RCAs from the receiver to the TV. much the same way that your DVD player is hooked up. coax is the poorest quality connection. hook up the s-video and the audio directly from the receiver to the tv.
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    Picture Clarity

    how are you veiwing the sat? what connections are from the receiver to the TV?
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    New reciever?

    if you are purchasing the unit on Ebay the only thing you may want to watch out for is if there is an outstanding balance on that unit. if the previous owner didnt pay their bill and you purchase the equipment you will have to pay the balance before they will activate it for you.