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    Cablevision Wi-Fi

    I just found this article online. This sounds really cool. No more paying T-Mobile to cruise the internet when I'm not in my house.
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    FiOS isn't that great either, same problems as the cable companies. Check out this video I found on YouTube Pretty much the same thing I see people complaining about with Cablevision and other carriers.
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    More HD on the Horizon!!!

    My point exactly. Thank you Remy.
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    More HD on the Horizon!!!

    Here is a link to the original article, as written by CableDude101 from Cable Rant.
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    HD: What's Next and When?

    What are you going to watch on Speed HD? an indy race, way to appeal to 4 viewers. MTV doesn't even have decent content in SD, who wants that crap is HD. Animal Planet, woo-hoo Planet's Funniest Animals in 1080i. Spike HD, yeah that channel won't be full of stretch-o-vision. History Channel...
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    HD: What's Next and When?

    relax man. They aren't going to add all 500 at once. In the last few months, Cablevision has been really good about adding channels. We've gotten ESPN2, TBS, HGTV, CNN and Food all in the last few weeks.
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    Cablevision Loses Bid to Go Private

    Cablevision Loses Bid to go private At least this means they have to answer to stockholders before they make ridiculous purchases.
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    Caller ID on Set Top Boxes

    I just read that Cablevision is rolling out Caller ID on their cable boxes. This is a cool feature. Now I won't have to run into the other room just to realize I don't want to answer. I found the story here
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    Comcast is Raising Rates

    Comcast is raising their rates by 5% in Novemeber. Here is the article I read. Cable Rant. Where Cable Employees and Customers come to Rant and Rave. • View topic - Comcast rates to rise 5%
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    Cablevision Channel Changes

    I just came across an article stating that CV is looking to change their HD channel #s. Cable Rant. Where Cable Employees and Customers come to Rant and Rave. • View topic - Cablevision is Moving HD Channels