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    Getting the deal before it expires

    Huh, no.:confused: Last year you paid 4 installments of $70 for the NFLST and got the Premier package and DVR service for $0 for 4 months. I don't know what the offer will be this year. So even if the offer is for $75 for the NFLST this year, and you don't care a lick about football, you...
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    Sports Pack Question

    They won't switch your "base" RSN, but for $12 bucks for the sports pack you will get the Tigers and Reds. Kind of like a mini MLBEI package.:) Local Regional Sports Network Information
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    Upgrade without Committment?

    Not necessarily - Do you have any sports subs like NFLST or NBALP? This upcoming season you will need an mpeg 4 receiver to get that programming in HD. They might be getting proactive about this switch.:)
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    I'm livid! Service turned off...

    Aha, I think we all assumed that you started as a new customer with Directv. Having had an account before, was that account paid in full? Could Directv have possibly linked an unpaid balance from your old account to your new account? Did you dispute any charges on the old account that were...
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    Just Switched to D* from E*

    The conversation should go something like this: "Honey, I just found out how I can save us over $120 a year on our Directv bill and still get those Yankee games...":)
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    missing HD channels (Local, MLB, etc)

    How can this be? The H(R)21 doesn't get ota stations w/o the AM21. Do you have an H(R)20?:)
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    Fox News hd May 1st??

    Free Choice Extra preview through Sunday the 4th. Then back to the 150 channels.:)
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    HD Enabling Fee

    Drop the pay TV service and go with OTA. Net monthly cost $0.:) You like parameters? How 'bout these parameters. - Matt Damon, in Good Will Hunting
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    Just Switched to D* from E*

    Is it even necessary to have the Sports Pack? You may get YES as your RSN. What is your zip code? Check out this page: Local Regional Sports Network Information It seems very unlikely, or improbable (but still possible) that you would need to sub to the Sports Pack to view games on YES.:)...
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    D*RM is here for all to feast on

    I guess that's why it's called Pay Per View and not Pay Per Unlimited Views:)
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    FSN Sports Package. How do I tell what teams are in my zone?

    Go to their local channel page and fill it out: The RSNs will appear at the bottom.:)
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    There'll be no joy on Galactica, the mighty Charlie has struck out!

    I haven't watched more than 30 minutes of sports on TV in the last 30 minutes.:)
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    EI on D*

    What would you call 62? Checking the Directv schedule there are 62 HD games scheduled from 04/06-04/12/08 (not counting the duplicate feeds). DIRECTV - MLB EXTRA INNINGS Schedule :):):) Loving my MLBEI in HD
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    MLB EI dual feeds

    The problem is that CSN Philly and 4SD are not available on Directv in those local markets. Ask any baseball fan in Philly or San Diego. They do not get to see their local team with EI at any time, on any EI channel or any RSN.:)
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    MLB extra innings Yankees

    At least for one day all subs on Dish and Direct were equal with regards to seeing the Yankees - nobody saw them.:)