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    Dish and RSN in HD

    Thanks everyone. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Happy holidays.
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    Dish and RSN in HD

    I left Dish over a year ago for Comcast. Trust me I did not want to do that. The only reason for the move was RSN in HD. I live in the SF Bay area and Dish does not have RSN's in HD 24/7. Has anything changed on Dish and the RSN? I would like to switch back but that is a game changer...
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    New hopper with sling question

    What is the max joey's for the new hopper with sling. Is it 3? Thanks
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    Remote control question

    I have a IR/UHF 6.2 remote. I set it to have the AUX/Receiver to be the default volume control on the remote. How to I change it back so the remote is now controlling the TV volume? Thanks
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    722 very sluggish

    Mine also
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    Dish Hopper and MLB TV

    Thanks for the info.
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    Dish Hopper and MLB TV

    I'm looking into the Hopper. I see on the Dish web site that there's a MLB Network app. Is the the same app that's on PS3 and Xbox for streaming live games? Thanks
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    The Giants/ Red Soxs game is not in HD?

    Here was the answer I got from Dish.....Really? What a joke! Thank you for your email, we appreciate your inquiry. Unfortunately, if a game is not showing in HD in the program guide, although you may see on the screen “Now broadcasting in HD”, then it is not being broadcast through Dish...
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    The Giants/ Red Soxs game is not in HD?

    And it sucks. I had my friends over for a BBQ and they where all over me about how lame Dish is. My nick name is SD as of now. I wish I could switch to Direct. Thanks for the clarification with Dish.
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    The Giants/ Red Soxs game is not in HD?

    I read somewhere on a thread that it's because Dish does not have enough HD space and they have to wait till another HD event or show is over. Don't know if you noticed but both the A's and Giants HD feed was turned on at 2pm pacific on the dot. Not sure if that's true about the HD space but...
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    The Giants/ Red Soxs game is not in HD?

    Just came on. A's and Giants in HD. Missed a third of the game in HD. Lame Dish, very lame.
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    The Giants/ Red Soxs game is not in HD?

    WTF!!! It says on my guide the Giants/ Red Soxs game is in HD but its not there. Same with the A's / Pirates. This has happened 4 times this year I'm so sick of this BS with Dish. Lires!!! Show more VOD crap in HD but blow off the Bay Area sports again. Sorry had to vent. And FYI Direct...
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    Acceptable Signal Strenght

    Except for my boss. He totally believes in 120% lol:D
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    TNT HD Picture Quilaty

    I was watching Cold Case and it's bad. Something is up. I'll fire off an email and see what they say. It might be a west coast thing also.