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    Wally vs Hopper Duo vs Hopper 2 & 3

    Well I swapped hard drives, from Wally to ViP211K, and from ViP211K to Wally, and both required a reformat for me. Thank you for confirming my understanding that my current setup is the most economical for me. I do wish they would add the Youtube app to the Wally, that would be my biggest want...
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    Wally vs Hopper Duo vs Hopper 2 & 3

    Well it seems nobody likes Wally unless they are in an rv, and even then not much love. We have 2 tvs, bedroom with a 211k, and living room with a wally. Low cost is a priority, and we are not real demanding tv watchers, but we do have hard drives attached to each for recording. We like the...
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    211k Cards

    Well this afternoon I got someone who will send me another smartcard and sees no reason why I will not be able to change to flex pack when the card arrives. I installed the new card that I already have, and got it activated and working fine. Hopefully all goes well when the second card arrives.
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    211k Cards

    You should not be concerned at the moment about the lack of cards as long as you are getting the programming you want now. If you want to change to the flex pack that is a different story. This is what I have gone through thus far on cards for the 211k and flex pack. I called to change from...
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    Dish Pointing help needed- Western Arc plus wing dish

    Just to update. I spotted a place a few feet over to the east that had a better view of 129, so moved the wing dish over. Never really considered that I could use it for 129 instead of 61.5. Anyway, got it going on 129 now, and getting channels we didn't know we could get. Thanks for...
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    Dish Pointing help needed- Western Arc plus wing dish

    I'm sure it has been covered, but I cannot find what I need to know. We have a 1000.2 pointed to western arc 110, 119, and 129, and can't get 129 because of trees. We also have a Dish 500 pointed to 61.5. We get Kansas City locals. We are missing some of our hd channels including HGTV and...
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    Free HBO This Weekend

    Yup, I believe he just did.
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    Blockbuster vs. Netflix

    I'm not sure what you are wanting here either, as it is apparent you did not do your homework on what services were included in Blockbuster when you signed up. If you assume that every competing company will offer the exact same services then we can't help you there. It appears that they are...
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    Dish America rsn's

    Just went through the grief of trying to get them to uphold what they had on the web site, and they will not give me RSN's with Dish America as it is currently advertised on their website. Hopefully they will get the web site corrected. My guess is "soon".
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    Buying receivers without cards?

    I have bought several used receivers off ebay. Verify the r00 and smartcard number with chat, and print that chat off after completed. One needed the smart card, and they sent me one. One other had no card, and didn't need one. Others had good cards in them. Don't pay too much, this forum...
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    A Listing of all the Religious and Shopping networks, for those who want them blocked

    Hey, don't forget these, We actually have to pay for these (maybe not the horseracing channel), and they are crap too! 404- HRTV 160- MTV 161- MTV2 162- VH1 :)
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    Is PlatinumHD worth the 10$

    Why does it matter what we think. Is it worth 10 bucks to you? If not, dump it. Why loose sleep over it.
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    6/22/2010 9:45am - Uplink Activity Report - 33 changes

    Disney east and abc family hd and sd have been removed from the Dish America package. Our family will be missing both. Wish the welcome package was still available, we would shift to it for the time being.
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    DISHOnline testing legit?

    I got the second letter apologizing about using gmail, sent a reply that I wanted to beta test, but wasn't going to send my account number over email, and hasn't yet bounced.