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    Receiver Question

    Another light: The 922 has a cooler interface with a larger internal hard drive than the 722. It cost $4 dollars more a month that a standard DVR. If you don’t see the extra value (I don’t) fine. If you do see the value, good for you. Don’t be mad because Dish offers multiple options at...
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    61.5 W question?

    Simple explanation: Dish has two groups of satellites in the sky 110, 119, & 129 (1000.2 Western Arc dish) and 61.5, 72.7, & 77 (1000.4 Eastern Arc dish). Each group of satellites offers Dish Network programming. Some people use part of both arcs (or groups of satellites) to get their...
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    Second account question

    I set up a second account for a summer retreat. I did a self-install with a receiver I owned. The first time I try to get the 2nd account turned on, I had a lot of issues and hung up with the CSR after 2 hours. The second time I called I was activated within 5 minutes. The difference is I used a...
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    Which Package Do You Have?

    I have a 622 with top 200 with Free HD for life, free stars for a year, and HD Platinum. However I think I'm going to drop to the 150 package until baseball season starts next spring. When I wanted to lower my bill I dropped 2 receivers, mirrored my 622 and added an OTA antenna. I also use...
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    Anyone know where you can buy satellite equipment? Local retail stores chains?

    & you can buy separators at If want to deal with local people try There are a lot of installers out there that would sell you those items.
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    Dish America rsn's

    It is only in silver and gold.
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    "Only one satellite connected"

    Your dish may be a pointed a little low and too far to the west. To check this go to the signal strength screen and lock on to 119 sat. Then cover only the 119 side of the LNB. If the signal is still on the screen then it is coming in on the wrong side of the LNB. If you are picking up the 129...
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    Receiver upgrade question

    I believe the upgrade fee (one time charge) is based on how many HD/DVRs are on the account. Replacing the 522 would make it his second.
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    Receiver upgrade question

    Starting June 3rd the price for upgrades is increasing. However they are starting a “ Free HD for Life” campaign. As an existing customer if you: 1. Sign up for autopay and paperless billing. 2. Sign a new 2 year commitment (required for your upgrade) Then you will get the basic HD...
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    Receiver upgrade question

    If you get a 2nd DVR there will probably be an upgrade fee.
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    Receiver upgrade question

    I would call Dish ASAP for an upgrade. Get your upgrade now while they are cheap (before free HD for life starts). Then sign up for free HD for life when that promotion starts. You could get a free upgrade, then free HD programming.
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    1000.4 issues with birdog usb 4.0

    I have seen a lot of what you’re describing. The Birdog web site says that a receiver needs to be hooked up to the LNB for it to work properly. Horizon Satellite Meters There are some good notes there about using a Birdog with dish network. I have found that trying to make a Birdog work...
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    Will Dish run an extra line for the future?

    I'd ask the tech if he would run it. If he gives you a reason why he can't do it, offer him $20. That should cover any extra labor, cable or lack of motivation.
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    This is a mystery

    Yep, you probably have a Home Plug Ethernet bridge which is compatible with VIP receivers.
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    FCC Ruling

    There are some Dish customers who have no choice but to watch their programming or PPV through component video. Many of the early HDMI/DVI TV adopters have now found themselves in situations where sloppy code writing by equipment manufacturers have made the digital inputs useless or a pain to...