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    Free upgrade to the Hopper 3?

    Wel 2 Dirt reps said they could do nothing since it's a new install that I had to go through sales.I will call in and see what I can do. I don't mind paying,but when they say you qualify for our very best offer,and it turns out it's not kinda makes one go hmmmm.
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    Free upgrade to the Hopper 3?

    Just a joey 2,but maybe they got it confused.
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    Free upgrade to the Hopper 3?

    Well that's weird the CSR said my credit was excellent,and I qualified for the very best deals,but I have to pay $54 for the hopper 3. I went with HWS while I think on it install is set for friday.
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    Free upgrade to the Hopper 3?

    I'm thinking about coming back to Dish for the Hopper 3,but my question is there any upfront one time fees for the hopper 3?
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    New Upgrade Prices for Hopper w/ Sling

    Yep only been a customer for a bit over a year. So Zach told me to try again in a few months.
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    New Upgrade Prices for Hopper w/ Sling

    Once again I'm not a good enough customer for the free upgrade. $200 bucks is a bit much when so many are getting to upgrade for free.
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    DISH Launches dishNET Broadband

    With such low data caps its worthless for anything besides surfing,and email.
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    No VOD after S222 update?

    It's amazing what a reboot can fix sometimes,and in some cases make worse.
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    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    I've been wanting OTA since i got my hopper,and it looks like the summer timeline is fixing to be blown. Hopefully soon does not mean another 2 or 3 months just weeks.
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    Just downloaded software version 222.

    New software downloaded,not sure what if anything is new.
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    Echostar patents putting a weather station on subscriber roofs

    Actually putting a weather station on your roof is a bad location. While many people do its not the best place except for the anenometer which needs to be 33 feet for the best readings. The temp and rain sensors needs to be max 5 feet off the ground. So ill pass on dish since i have my own...
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    Prepare for another price increase thx to ESPN

    It would be simple to reduce the price of gas,eletricity, etc etc. Remove oil from futures market,regulate energy companies,but since big business owns our goverment none of this will happen. Far as espan paying an absurb amount to carry sports one day these networks are gonna price themselves...
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    DISH Hopper Wireless Keyboard / Remote / Social Networking Concept Video

    That remote is an awesome idea. I hope dish releases this soon would make the wait for ota, and hopper intergration easier. :D
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    Where is the new DIRECTIVO?

    It's simple Scott directv delayed the tivo unit,put it on a old slow box,and withheld the newest tech. Because they knew if tivo had released a very modern and fast unit their in house dvr would have had serious competition. Why tivo ever agreed to this who knows,but it was a very stupid move.
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    I was really looking forward to the new tivo,until I learned it was based on the HR-22. The hr-22 is such a pos if I was directv i'd be ashamed.I have the hr-24 and at times its a slow pos as well,but it is still faster than the hr-22. I personally think directv intentionally put the new tivo on...