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    directv won't activate receiver b/c overdue?

    If you can buy a R15 why not pay your bill?
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    Installer fun

    The "little box" was your multi-switch which you will need no matter what since you will either need 5 feeds if you include the dvr as one of the 4 rooms or 6 feeds if its 5 rooms all together. As for asking for directions I would say when I installed I had to call people about 25% of the time...
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    R10 Freezing?

    Sound like the memory is F U L L if you let it record suggestions it doesn't take up memory for upcoming recordings but the more full the memory the slower the TIVO.
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    Splitting SIgnal

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    Cabling question

    You may getaway with using rg 59 however you risk the line burning up. The dielectric in the rg 59 can't pass voltages like 13v or 18v. The installer will IMMEDIATELY fail a QC if they use it. Good luck.
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    D* coming to install tomorrow

    1st off the gromets aren't really intended for outdoor use but thats another story. If I were to come out to do the install for you I would charge you for a custom install.I am not sure where the area is you want it installed in relation to the grounding source but if I hadto run extra cable...
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    Signal Help

    Line Of Sight
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    Signal Help

    Are you sure there isnt something in your LOS?
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    Lost Signal When I Added Second Line

    I installed sat dishes until about a year ago. I cut PLENTY of coax while it was connected to the LNB and receiver. I NEVER had a single problem. The potential problems I see are: Crappy connectors, coax braid is coming out and touching the copper core, SEVERE bend in cable, staple or...
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    DVR, and two Receivers What equipment do I need

    It should work. There are 4 outputs and 4 lines are needed.
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    Lost Signal When I Added Second Line

    I still don't understand what this means: "Because I will be feeding two receivers, I cut the line between the dish and the grounding block, added F-connectors and made that original long line from the dish to the grounding block into two shorter lines. I connected both of these lines to my...
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    Expert advise needed

    Try switching the outgoing cables around at the multiswitch. If oneof your other recievers starts having this problem its the multiswitch if not probably the cabling or connectors. Have you given any thougth to turning off the reciever?
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    No Phone Jack near Directv receiver, what can I do?

    If your installer has never heardof wireless phone jacks I would bea bit worried about the install.
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    R10 Remote Control help

    Is it just a tv or a tv/vcr/dvd combo unit? If there is a vcr/dvd player attached (1 or both) sometimes you have to control the tv through using the dvd or vcr function on the remote. Kinda hard to explain w/o getting TOO long winded. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Good luck.
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    Need help installing new jack!

    Call around to local satellite retailers. If you are close and there are techs in need of work you could probably get it done cheaper than $70. If you are going to run a new line it will cost some dough. All the tools and supplies to get the line up and running aren't super cheap. $70 to get...