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    Greetings from the Satellite Expo

    Ok, so where did you get these girls and how much did they cost? ;)
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    Will Dish need to match DTV's free DVRs?

    Ahh... interesting... if the DTV rumor is true, Charlie will HAVE to match it. His MPEG4 HD DVR will need to be given away free with commitment! (ya know this is just a $0 lease... the lost $'s will just be thrown into the package cost...) Everyone STOP buying your equipment! (You early 921...
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    Interesting News Story -

    10 years from now you will be watching your flat panel screen on the wall which is hooked up to a media center machine with hard drive and connected to the Internet which will be through WiFiMax.... a small antenna mounted on your house and 10's of Mbps coming in. You will be taking down...
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    Interesting News Story -

    The Internet is as robust as demand establishes. For one thing, since you dont need the data real-time, it doesnt need to be any more reliable than it is now. As far as bandwidth, as demand continues to increase, the pipes will be made wider. Bandwidth is cheap between major points, its the...
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    Interesting News Story -

    Correctamundo.... Tivo and DTV parted ways. Tivo is now going to be doing its own content delivery.... via the Internet! Who needs Satellite!? They can deliver VOD and deliver unlimited channels!... but wait, who needs channels?!? Such an archaic concept. Everything in the future will...
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    Refund on Pre-Paid Annual Subscription if Cancelled?

    I do know that if you remain a customer and are just switching your programming around (including downgrading) they will give you a pro-ratd refund.
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    Time Warner and Comcast to Buy Adelphia for $18 Bl

    Does anyone have any info as to which territories are going to be divided between TWC and Comcast?
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    My own conclusion: MPEG4 upgrade will be free.

    The chips are on a decoder card... they can just swap out that card, at least on the newest receivers that were designed thinking ahead a little bit. I bought a US Robotics modem 14.4 Kbps and I upgraded it to 16.8, 19.2, 28.8, 33.6, and then 56K through a combination of software and...
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    Dishnetwork installer is here

    Thats the problem... I never get a "quality" install ;)
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    My own conclusion: MPEG4 upgrade will be free.

    See my thoughts on this here:
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    Has any news leaked about the future MPEG4 recievers?

    Today's decoder chips are standalone CPUs in their own right so they dont have to bother the main system CPU. Thats being done now in today's Intel chipsets with multimedia PCs. The main system CPU, bus, memory, drives, chassis, and software do NOT need to change! They just need to change...
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    Photos from Team Summit 2005!

    Its sad to say but you will never see higher PQ. If noone is leaving specifically because of poor PQ, why just give away the bandwidth? If the average person cannot see the diff between D* and E*, then they will continue to provide the lowest "acceptable" level of PQ. Sad but true.
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    Rumors from Team Summit

    No free receiver! free DISH on 61.5
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    Rumors from Team Summit

    Not free receiver! Free dish...
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    Rumors from Team Summit

    Most of the earlier HD adopters still have a 61.5 dish since that was the way to get it a year ago before they moved all HD over to 110. They should provide you a 61.5 dish installed FREE if you ask and if you have some secondary locals on it. By law, they have to. So call them up and ask if...