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    Local Channel Connector (LCC) - Quits Working Every Day

    I ended up talking to a supervisor and they sent me out a LCC since there is a programming dispute in my area. It works great until it quits. I hooked it up to a roof top antenna and it is clear. Unfortunately it is not stable. Is has never went over 24 hours without issues. When I go to a...
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    Local Channel Connector (LCC) Not Detected Error 794

    Today I have a couple new channels listed on the guide. They are local over the air channels. When I click on them I receive the LCC 794 error. How can I get a LCC? Can I install it without DirecTv service coming to the house? I have tried to call support one time and tried chat one time...
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    Preferred Xtra Package?

    Does Directv still offer Preferred Xtra? I see a few old thread from 2017/2018 but nothing current about this. Is this still an option to get this to eliminate the sports RSN feed. If it is available, is there a channel list available? Thanks
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    HR54/700 Series Manager Corruption

    My series manager appears to be corrupted. It started with multiple entries for the same show. On one of the entries it shows upcoming episodes to record and on the other it shows 0 upcoming episodes. I tried to delete the duplicates that had 0 upcoming episodes and continued to get strange...
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    DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

    I setup my cancellation for July 9. How long does it normally take to get a callback with a better offer (if they make one)?
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    Dish Rumored to launch internet only TV package by the end of the summer

    Are there any updates on when this will be available?
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    Any new promotions for Directv?

    Can you combine the AAA discount with a referral discount? Can you combine the COSTCO/SAMSCLUB offer with a referral discount?
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    Does Directv discount if you subscript to multiple movie channels? Any 1/2 price movie promos?

    Is it any cheaper with Directv when you select 2 movie subscriptions (HBO & Showtime)? Does Directv ever offer 1/2 price move subscriptions like dish or free movie subscription trials?
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    What channel do you watch on FTA?

    Can I mount the dish from this package: Using an old DirecTv mount that is already on my roof? Will the larger dish put too much stress...
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    What channel do you watch on FTA?

    Thank you all for the great responses. Now you have me shopping for my first FTA system. :) Any recommendations for a good starter setup and seller?
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    What channel do you watch on FTA?

    I reviewed the list but still not sure if FTA is for me. What are some good channels that you watch on FTA? Is there any "tv guide" type listing that has show information? Thanks
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    Is there a new Cinemax promo for 1 year for a penny?

    Slickdeals has a thread reporting the offer is back: Has anyone on this forum received the offer?
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    Will I lose HD for life if I switch from America's Top 120 to Dish America?

    I currently have the top 120 package with HD for life. If I switch to Dish America and later decide to go back to a Top ### package will the HD for life still be on my account? Thanks
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    No Info Available on Guide

    That fixed the problem! Thank you for your help.
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    No Info Available on Guide

    My 722 has No Info Available on the guide staring in around 1 hours for all channels. I unplugged the receiver and plugged it back it. It showed the gauge on the screen that said it was loading data. I also tried to move to the right in the guide. It prompted me to load guide data and I...