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Mar 8, 2010
Does Directv still offer Preferred Xtra?

I see a few old thread from 2017/2018 but nothing current about this. Is this still an option to get this to eliminate the sports RSN feed. If it is available, is there a channel list available?

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Jul 14, 2005
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Here is their official lineup but it isn’t 100% correct. I had to open that link in incognito mode to keep it from redirecting me to ATT’s site. As far as I know it is still available but you have to call or chat to get it.

It sounds like you were Logged in ... thats common, anytime I go to thier site for something like that, I need to log out, close and reopen, then you'll get what you are looking for in this instance.

Darrell S

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Jul 13, 2004
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It's still available. I changed back to it yesterday. You have to call or use the chat on the Directv website to add it though. It's 2 bucks cheaper than Xtra plus I don't have to pay the 8.49 RSN fee for my area.


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Ive had preferred extra for about a year.
You will lose almost all sports ecept for a couple. However they added all back to me except MLB NHL NBA and Tennis and SEC and Sportsman and olympic ch. and one of my RSNs (masn) they appeared on my acct and said $0.00
They added back FSN south also. And no rsn fee.
Only reg channel missing is FM channel.
You will even gain all but 2 music choice channels and also Hallmark movies.
They added nfl espnu espn news golf Big 10 fs2 and cbs sports back. Free.
Ive seen others post this happened to them also.
They added a ch or 2 ever couple of days till all added.


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Feb 5, 2015
How much does it cost? I currently have the Preferred Choice package, which I think is only available if you have International programming. It's $57.99. I'm happy with the package overall but wish I got channels like AMC and Science.


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Feb 5, 2015
the select package has AMC.. it's 58.99
Thanks, but then I would lose channels like ESPN, ESPN2, FXM, FXX. I want to upgrade to a higher package but they are not willing to give me a discount so that's why I chose to stay with Preferred Choice.


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Sep 9, 2007
actually FXX and FXM are in the package.. and after a few weeks of having the package.. most of the sports channels get added to it for free. ESPN, 2 U and Fox sports 1,2 NFL network and others. the website listings are wrong. the channel listing is same as the ultimate minus the movie channels and sports channels. but again the sports channels are added free after a few weeks of having the package. i think the package is 99.95
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