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    Auto Hop..just selective shows??

    As david_jr said... In my case I have Prime Time set for Saturday nights (which I don't record anything). I then go into the guide and setup timers for all the shows I want to record during the week across the 4 major networks. As mentioned, auto hop for the most part is close to 8 days before...
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    Screensave on Hopper (?)

    Not trying to interrupt the Fox dispute :). Back in the spring I was reading a Dish forum of sorts somewhere where a few different people were complaining that the Hopper did not have a screen saver implemented. These people for the most part were owners of OLED tvs. The Dish rep on the forum...
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    Dish is very busy anytime you call or chat Why?

    Overwhelmed handling customer cancellations !!
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    Hopper Snap

    There is already a thread on the Hopper Snap.. Reason for another?
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    Well Dish came through!! Downloaded U717 on to my HWS last night. Just checked our SJ (superjoey) and it is now as fast as the HWS was after installing the SNAP a while back.. Good job Dish and thanks again to Scott for sending me one :).. Gerry
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    CBS On Demand - Dish

    They were the first- but the reality of the situation is that they are one of the greediest companies out there!!! Gerry
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    VIP Receiver Activations

    Why no Wally’s on account with 211K?
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    dishnetwork stupid rules

    I wouldn’t give them anything! I would cancel and go elsewhere.....
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    Continue to be very happy with the snap on the HWS :). Hoping that the up coming software update (soon :) ) shows some improvement on the Super Joey. That would make it a total package... Gerry
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    Will do! It will be interesting to see if any of the updates improve the menus on the Super Joey..
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    Got back from out of town yesterday afternoon and was more than pleasantly surprised to find a "SNAP" in the mailbox (thank you Scott!). After unpacking stuff and catching up I decided to plug it into my HWS (HWS/Super Joey). Last week I had updated the software to U715 in hopes of maybe getting...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    GOT and Deadwood Watched- Amazon Prime HBO Cancelled Today!! Adios AT&T :).
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    Thanks Scott for all that you do!!
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    Without a doubt if I get to test one!!
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    I have a HWS and SJ and would be happy to test the snap and provide feedback as to operation and any problems encountered.. Gerry