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Not trying to interrupt the Fox dispute :).

Back in the spring I was reading a Dish forum of sorts somewhere where a few different people were complaining that the Hopper did not have a screen saver implemented. These people for the most part were owners of OLED tvs. The Dish rep on the forum said he thought that was a good idea and would pass it on to the engineering department. He also said the Dish always tries to make the user experience better on the Hopper for customers (yea right).
Personally the wife and I usually pause a recorded show after dinner while cleaning up dishes, etc.. This is not a problem right now as I have an LCD tv. But I am contemplating getting a 77" OLED and that IS a problem as far as i'm concerned.
Really Dish, how hard can it be to implement a screensaver? My Apple ATV4K has one, My Roku Ultra has one.
Please get with the program here,

ps: Why can't one edit the posting title to correct it to "Screensaver"


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My Sony LCD will revert to a screensaver when the video is static for X minutes. My Hopper doesn't need to produce one. But IIRC, the HWS will produce one.

You sure your future OLED doesn't self protect?

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He also said the Dish always tries to make the user experience better on the Hopper for customers (yea right)
I agree, upgrading to 16 tuners, the only 4K receiver (that I know of) putting popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and soon Amazon Prime on one device with over 100,00 titles on On-Demand that you don't need to d/l 50% of the way first before you can start watching them (A nod to DTV), et al is definitely not trying to make the user experience better...... :coco

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