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    "Activate a jack" ... what does this mean?

    I think it's b.s. for the basic cable jacks. I just had cable installed and the guy ran a 2 way splitter to get it to the televisions downstairs. One basic, one digital. A few days later I decided I wanted basic in my upstairs gameroom so I replaced the 2 way with a 3 way splitter and the...
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    Dish Network Damaged my television set!

    This has got to be a joke. Nobody could actually expect damages for misuse of a product could they? I'm going to sue Dell because they sold me a computer that I use to play a video game. I really enjoy playing the game so I haven't gotten enough sleep and my performance at work has...
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    Dish Network Damaged my television set!

    Um, no. You damaged your set.
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    Inside the New Voom

    "I think we're in the right place at the right time," Josh Sapan, Rainbow Media CEO and president, says in his Manhattan corner office, situated nine floors above what Voom executives say is the largest HD post-production facility in the country. I got an idea - how about you move out of the...
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    Why not a satellite + IPTV hybrid system?

    This doesn't really make sense. If you have functioning IPTV why would you need a dish hooked up? They can supply 100's of channels over IPTV. I think this is the future if it is truly scalable. We'll see in the next 18 months how realistic their goals are.
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    Help! Service turned off because of lack of phone connection!

    Isn't this called a "site license"? I think this is fairly common in the s/w business (at least with the situations I'm aware of).
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    Thinking about leaving Dish for Cable.

    Really? I pay $30/month for a year including HBO & SHO with an HD 2 tuner DVR. Haven't had any problems so far. No my e* experience is another story. Many problems and lied to many times.
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    MPEG-4, When?

    SBC may also have their IPTV service up and running by next spring. Just another option to keep prices down while getting better service.
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    6412 Problem

    I ended up doing a reset of the box and adding my series recording without extending the end times. It didn't reset this morning so that was likely the problem. Thanks again.
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    6412 Problem

    Thanks rad! Some good information to search through there.
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    6412 Problem

    I recently started having the following problem: My 6412 will lock up at 4:20 (am & pm) every day. I have tried leaving it on, turning it off, but same results. When I leave it on it will still show the channel I was watching but I can't change the channel or turn it off. I have to unplug...
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    Harmony 880 Universal Remote $154.99

    FYI - has the remote for $179.95. Still a pretty good deal (although not AS good as Scott's).
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    Hi Wayne, The settings I lose are the main display settings (16x9 display, 1080i resolution, stretch non-HD feeds). It seems like the are gone every morning. I will try leaving the receiver on overnight. Thanks.
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    What does everybody think about VOD? So far I really like it. I just wish that: 1. They would offer some of the shows in HD (e.g., some of the HBO & SHO series that are normally shown in HD). 2. I've noticed a problem where the show will occasionally lock up for a couple of minutes. I...
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    Moto DCT6412 Question

    If you go to the main menu (menu twice) there is a search option with four boxes with alpha/numeric characters. Enter as many characters as you want and press enter. This will list all shows with the character string you selected. I hope this makes sense. I'm at work so I'm trying to...