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    U331 Software Release for the hopper 3 dvr

    This latest update also knocked out my EHD. I've tried multiple reboots (of the Hopper3 as well as the EHD) and it won't work in any of the USB ports. The sources icon is gone as well. Please get this working again....have tons of movies and shows on EHD that we can no longer access.
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    why can't Dish fix their bugs?

    Not only does mine do this (again, starting several updates ago), I can always tell it's about to skip back to live because the picture starts pixelating just before going live.
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    PLEASE HELP With LG TV Virtual Joey Support

    I like this idea! Seems simple enough, and would allow you to take the USB stick anywhere to watch.
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    Virtual "junior" Joey!

    Oops...sorry, not a real product...just a set up for a really dumb joke! :biggrin
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    Virtual "junior" Joey!

    Good news...Dish announced yesterday a new "Virtual Junior Joey" app that will run the Joey software on smaller devices such as Roku, FireTV, etc. Bad news....they've since nixed the idea since they thought the shortened VJJ sounded too much like a woman's "danger zone". :rolleyes:
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    Virtual Joey supported devices

    Bring on the Roku support! I would absolutely love that feature!
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    Pandorea music is stuttering every two seconds on hopper with sling

    I had the stuttering issue on Pandora once but then realized I was listening to an old Mel Tillis song.....:D
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    DishAnywhere mobile app totally useless lately?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Dish app works great and has been for a long time now. Hope you get it figured out!
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    Can we change channels on Multichannel?

    That's "muxed" up....:D
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    So far, so good--my install experience.

    I agree completely that the Hopper is the best DVR I've seen. I also have an extensive past, going all the way back to the very first DishPlayer, then to Microsoft's UltimateTV (on DirecTV), then on to the newer DVRs that DirecTV offered, then back to Dish with the 922, and finally to the...
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    Dish Anwhere, worked flawlessly

    I just got back from a weekend beach trip, and was able to watch my beloved Panthers beat the Ravens...too bad it was just a preseason game. Anyway, it worked flawlessly for me as well.
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    Get A Joey or Sling with Android Mini PC?

    I agree completely. I have 2 Joeys and they're both rock solid. Not a single issue out of either one of them, and they're both used quite a lot.
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    Dish Anywhere App For Rokus?

    Just wondering if there are any rumors/plans for Dish to release a Dish Anywhere app for Rokus, or other Internet-connected streaming devices? It's been a while, but I remember someone posting a screenshot of the app on a connected TV.
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    no auto hop on raycom cbs in Charlotte (FIXED!)

    Auto hoop? Is that when the channel automatically changes to a basketball game? :D
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    External Hard Drive Icons Issue

    I would wager that they're stored in a separate file, and that DISH just hasn't figured out how to copy the info over to the EHD properly.