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    Joey Bluetooth Adapter Options?

    Thanks for the eBay link KAB, I ended up getting it for $18.00 with free shipping.
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    Joey Bluetooth Adapter Options?

    For the size and weight of the adapter it is. I just ordered some metal parts from Canada weighing about 10lbs and they are shipping it Fedex to me for $12.00.
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    Joey Bluetooth Adapter Options?

    I have tried searching this topic but didn't see any threads addressing this. I don't mind paying $15.99 for an adapter from Dish, but I think their $7.00 shipping charge is excessive. Has anyone found another BT adapter that works?
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    Issues Surrounding CUI Update

    What Joey would you recommend with the H3?
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    Issues Surrounding CUI Update

    I have a HWS and a H1 and have the same issues as reported here. If I were to upgrade to a H3 and a Joey, what functionalities if any would I lose over having two DVRs?
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    Changing packages

    I contacted Dish and they say I am eligible to downgrade to the Welcome pack.
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    Changing packages

    I currently have AT 250, Hopper w/sling, Hopper and a Joey and want to significantly reduce my bill. Will I be able to reduce to the Welcome Pack? Will I still get my locals if I do this? I would also return one of the Hoppers.
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    Hopper with Sling- Bluetooth Headsets

    Don't know how good these are but Amazon's Deal of the Day today is the Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds with Secure Fit-Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Midnight Black for $39.99 with free shipping.
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    James Murdoch Calls Dish Network-Disney Deal A Step In Right Direction

    It's the place I get my DVDs - for free :)
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    (VIDEO) DISH Hopper Home Automation Concept Video

    Definitely want this for the camera feature and best if all so does my wife!
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    Hopper wiring ??

    My house was built over 15 years ago and I too am using the original coax with my two Hoppers without any issues.
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    DISH Energizes Hopper Platform at CES!

    True but I don't own one - according to my better half I have too much "stuff" already.
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    DISH Energizes Hopper Platform at CES!

    Yes, this is what I am looking forward to hearing more about.
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    Autohop Bug or is this normal?

    Over the past two nights I watched the last two episodes of NCIS LA. Autohop worked normally until the last set of commercials between the end of the episode and the next episode preview. Didn't notice this before or haven't really paid attention. Is this the norm?
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Amen brother!