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    Genie TV Guide

    I am thinking about going with Genie. I know there are several custom guides available, but can I make anyone of then the default guide to appear when I hit the guide button
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    Want the lowdown on Uverse? Here it is!

    Good Start for U-Verse :)My U-verse experiance: I have had Dish, Direct and Comcast. U-verse by far, delivers a superior Non HD picture. Most of the HD pictures are extremely good and surpass the fore mentioned. The switching of stations is excellent- no delay at all- I have the phone...
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    H20-All CE on 6/22+6/23

    H20-100 Version: 0x20?? Did not request DownLoad The upgrade downloaded by it self. I did not request it. At 1st, every time I went to the tv guide and than came out, the tv jumped from Full to Zoom mode. (Sony XBR 40) After I rebooted the system that stopped, but I do notice the menu will...
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    Rsn And Nesnhd Alert!!!!! OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE!

    Now What Getting back to your cute reply. It's now August 28th, "Where's the Beef", still not active in Chicago.
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    Rsn And Nesnhd Alert!!!!! OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE!

    Well, it's August and still no Comcast HD feed in Chicago. Is there a special chanal i have to turn to inorder to get the Cubs or W. Sox in HD?
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    Problem view Sat. 119

    I had had the problem. It was the trees. I was missing 72, 76, 79 Tech came out and he moved the dish, Perfect If you get local HD, you were probably getting a message on them saying acquiring sat. It will clear once there is a good line of sight
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    Chicagoland Local HD problems

    :D Update: Problem resolved. Tree interferance. The dish was put up in the winter with no leaves on the trees. I kept loosing 119B and 3 HD stations. all is great after I put it on a sled mount.
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    Chicagoland Local HD problems

    Channel 9 No channel 9. That was my oversite. Sorry.
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    Chicagoland Local HD problems

    DOWN LOADIND GUIDE is the message that starts approximately 10 seconds when i tune in to any of the local HD stations 2,5,7,9,32. It stays on the screen with the orange highlite "more information". If i select it, i have to reboot to get the system back to normal. I spoke with a csr and he...
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    Loosing Satellite signal in Chicago Western burbs

    For the past week, I continuously loose my HD sat. signal for the following stations. ESPN, ESPN22, DSC. The picture cuts in and out with the message stating looking for satellite etc. What satellite do they originate from. I am guessing 119? Should i call for a Tech. to come out to realigne...
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    Stupid question.

    The Mirror fee So what is being said? Is the mirror fee for a second DVR or is it for ant additional receiver? I own two receivers and one DvR. I get bashed with 2 mirror fees. It's not a lease, it is a crap charge. They told me its because I am making the system work. I told them, since i own...
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    h20 and audio sync

    Got the last upgrade on 02/22/06. Having audio sink problems with OTA ( Olympics) Also, OTA locals do not seem as good as they were prior to the upgrade.
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    DirecTV HD Rumor

    Comcast the user, Sporting teams the villans I read some place that if a Station never broadcast over the air waves they do not have to share ( sell ) the rights to their broad cast. If this is really the law of the land, than Comcast is just marketing their strength. Why congress ever passed...
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    DirecTV's Junk DVR's

    If you want to see junk, go to "E". Try on the 811 for size. D's boxes are Mercedes compared to E's go-carts.
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    H10 question

    I've been with "D" for about a month now. On channels 102 ( Six Pictures on one screen) i can not use my arrow keys to move from sound bite to sound bite. My R15 works like it should. Is there something in the setup of the H10 that was missed?