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    Is a phone line or internet connection required

    I have three receivers and had always understood it was a requirement for all receivers to be connected to a phone line and if not connected an audit was likely. To avoid the pain I keep my receivers connected, however, if its no longer a requirement I could save 20 odd bucks a month by getting...
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    HD Networks in Puerto Rico
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    Phone line needed for Receivers?

    I have had Dish for more than 10 years with three receivers and have always kept a phone line connected to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the audit team. Do I understand it is no longer a requirement to keep the phone line connected to each receiver? If I remove it will there be any...
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    CONUS Locals off-air?

    Channels are back at 845pm eastern.
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    CONUS Locals off-air?

    I am seeing a normal signal on transponder 20 but all channels are showing the do not call card.
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    Dish HD setup?

    Rip Off Cables You can buy an HDMI Cable on Ebay for a dollar, these cables work fine with no discernible difference from the $40+ store bought cables. Being asked to pay outrageous prices for cables is just a great big rip-off as are extended warranties and printer ink, this is where the...
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    While not at home I have received 14 calls from this number over the last two days and my machine has picked up each time but no message was left. The CID says Dish Network and when I call the number it says it is Dish Network Marketing Department. I Googled it and it seems I am not alone, many...
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    Dish Receiver WiFi Hook Up ??

    211K I looked at the wireless adapter in the Dish store, it seems to work with most receivers except the 211K, does anyone know if it does work with the 211K?
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    VIP211 Internet Connection

    A couple of questions Does each receiver need it's own connection to my router or do the receivers talk to each other over the power line and only one receiver connected to the router? Can the receivers connect by wireless, have read there might be a dongle available? Thanks in advance.
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    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    Looking at the Puerto Rico numbers it seems to me that transponders 19 and 24 have not changed over yet. Anyone have any idea why?
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    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    It looks to me as if no changes happened last night as predicted, am particularly interested in TP19 which does not seem to have changed.
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    Anik F3 in Puerto Rico

    Is anybody getting the new Horse Racing channels from Anik F3 in Puerto Rico?
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    IP Addresses

    Does Dish check location from IP address when receivers connect by Internet?
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    HD Free for Life Help

    I have not been able to sign up for HD for Life on the web page - it refuses to accept my credit card number although it is the same credit card as I use for auto pay. Have tried calling and was told there might be an issue with the web page, has anyone had a similar experience?