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    Univision Deportes Dropped as Dish Dispute Widens

    Local commercials and local news vs. national news, basically akin to differences between affiliates such as ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX.
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    DISH to Offer DishLATINO/Sling Latino Customers Price Relief

    One thing that I've always thought hurts the Dish Latino packages is that it's absolutely impossible to get NBC Sports, it's not even in Max and can't be added in any of the sports packs. I know multiple people that have dropped Dish because they want the Latino package but can't watch Tour de...
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    9/15/2016 09:44 - Uplink Report - 2 Changes

    Looks like it is Zee Mundo Español. From Reuters: An Indian media group has launched a Spanish language Bollywood channel in the United States, in a bid to woo Hispanic audiences with the drama, and elaborate song and dance sequences of the Indian silver screen. Zee Entertainment Enterprises'...
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    How to change local channel market

    Any clue where a person could find a map delineating which cities are within a specific city's market. In my case I have OKC locals but curious where Amarillo and Lawton/Whichita Falls markets starts.
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    Flex Pack & Channel Packs Coming 8/4

    Disney is what I had in mind, it's not a make or break thing but just curious as my kids will often watch the Western feed when the realize they missed a show they wanted to watch. They tolerate SD a lot better than I do.
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    Flex Pack & Channel Packs Coming 8/4

    Anyone know if networks with an Eastern/Western feed include both channels or just the Eastern feed?
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    Flex Pack & Channel Packs Coming 8/4

    Even worse if you're on Dish Latino, none of the packages, not even Dish Latino Max, have NBCSN and it's my understanding that it's not in multi-sports.
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    OTA Adapter Availability

    Like many others, I have a local channel that was lost due to the Tribune dispute. Having read other posts, I decided to contact Dish via chat on their website to request an OTA antenna. During the conversation I specifically asked if I would be able to record shows on my DVR (I have a 2...
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    12/02/2015 12:25 - Uplink Report - 29 Changes

    I'm assuming Dish made some sort of agreement with Sony, as it appears that they will be adding GetTV and the Spanish language Cine Sony channel.
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    12/03/2014 12:35 - Uplink Report - 94 Changes

    I based the list on what I found on each company's websites, so I believe it to be nationwide. Because of that, I can't guarantee that this list is 100% accurate, but it gives a general idea of what else is out there. When it comes to Directv, Comcast, U-verse, and FIOS, all four offer Mexico...
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    12/03/2014 12:35 - Uplink Report - 94 Changes

    I live in western Oklahoma and only have experience with a small local cable company and Dishnetwork. In both cases the Hispanic channels were placed in a number range distinct from English channels. Dishnetwork has them in the low 800s, in the same general range as other ethnic channels. When I...
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    NASCAR in a higher tier?

    A bit off topic, but while I know it is likely due to the nature of carrier contracts, I am surprised that NBCSN is not found in any of the Dish Latino packages. Between MLS, F1 races, and the Tour de France, there are significant events popular within the Hispanic community that would make this...
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    NASCAR in a higher tier?

    I currently have Dish Latino Max, as well as my parents. We're all big NASCAR fans. Fox Sports 1 is part of the package but not NBCSN and I don't think we can get it by adding multisports. So come next year we'll be out of luck.
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    Disney Junior - Channel 168

    I assumed it would make Dish Latino Max at least too. Disney Jr and Nick Jr would be great additions to the pack as most Hispanic families have children that prefer programming in English.
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    Disney Junior - Channel 168

    Any word if Disney Jr will be on Dish Latino? I have Dish Latino Max, and so far nothing, though ESPNEWS HD went live just this week.