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    Getting a better deal

    I just tried this link and had the exact same experience as well
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    Fox Regional Sports Networks Block DISH and Sling TV Customers

    This is pretty good related article and he brings up Dish as well. The Battle For the Future of Sports on TV Has Begun
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    Youtube is on the H3.
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    It's just far more convenient to me to have it with the Hopper and use the same remote. I don't currently use the Dish app because of it's lack of 5.1 and often it will only play audio with no video and require a restart when I do try to use it. That leaves me messing with multiple remotes to...
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    New to hopper/Joey/DVR, got DVR question

    The Hopper (and all DVR's) never really shuts all the way off. It just goes into a standby mode so that recordings can be made. You can feel safe letting it shut off. It won't impact recording.
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    I don't know why but I actually laugh out loud every time I see the Hopper called a Hooper. :)
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    Agreed! I bought the AirTV tuner for $30, and sold my original Hauppauge dual tuner on Ebay for $41.00 :clapping
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    OG Discovery suite allows Dish connections now!

    It is part of an add on pack. I have the flex pack and have the add on because my girlfriend loves the channel. I'm hoping it's not to give her ideas on how to dispose of my body, should she ever decide to. :glasses
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    Maybe this Dish 5G thing is real after all

    So, Dish is stalling their installation by having techs start installing and field testing? Damn, I've been a staller all my life and never considered stalling doing something by actually doing it!
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    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

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    Hopper 3 DVR receiver is not getting enough bandwidth

    Since you mentioned Netflix 4K issues, it sounds like the same issues posted in this thread Netflix Hopper 3 Question
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    Dish Network considers $10 billion 5G network instead of spectrum sale

    Dish Network considers $10 billion 5G network instead of spectrum sale
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    “Prepare for Mobile” Setting

    It's a longstanding bug. I'm sure Dish has it on their list and will fix it "SOON ®"
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    Netflix Hopper 3 Question

    No, the 4K programming doesn't work. That was the whole point of this thread. The displayed speed by the Netflix app has been a discussion but it's not the main point, which is sometimes 4K shows are displayed and sometimes not. When they don't display it's because the app is reading speeds that...
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    FCC pushing Dish for details of their cellular buildout.

    Interesting article on the LEO satellites. Why Satellite Internet Is the New Space Race