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    Virtual Joey Update??

    There are only a couple of threads (that I could find anyway) on the Virtual Joey app for LG Tvs. I am getting ready to replace the bedroom TV, and would like a one-stop solution. I saw a thread once that was a couple pages long and had several different models available for Joey, but now I...
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    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    Yeah - I am evaluating Direct receivers today. I paid $200 to put up with the buggy 922 (which I have replaced twice). Now, they want another $100 to switch to Hopper, they wanted to charge $95 to install, and we did not even address the (now) $50 sling adapter. At this point, the LAST thing...
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    Dish Remote Access for iPad with a new UI

    Ditto on PQ - mine seems to be locked into 4:3 format for HD channels.
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    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    Yeah, but I don't want to spend MORE money to upgrade again.
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    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    The wife asked about Hopper this morning, and I told her I was going to wait. But, if I could get that deal, I would dump my 922 in a second. Never used the DIRT team before, so how would I go about that?
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    Home Distribution on 922?

    OK, so it works - I am doing something wrong, maybe coax is too long, and signal gets too weak. Thanks, and Yes, Go Vikes!
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    Home Distribution on 922?

    OK - I apologize in advance for being redundant in my posting. However, I have seen conflicting information on the Home Dsitribution Port, and I can't get mine to work. Can I mirror my 922 to another TV in another room via coax? Do I need it to run through any splitters or anything, or do I...
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    Switching to dish and confused - which receivers?

    OK, so I am switching to Dish from Directv (for a list of reasons). But, all the 922 vs 722 threads in recent days has me really confused. So, I am seeking the experts advice on how to maximize my Dish experience (without a ton of receiver fees). I basically want HD-DVRs in 2 rooms, Room 1 -...