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    Free Genie Upgrade..

    Sweet.. Thanks. Are they still doing HR34s or have they been sold through to the 44's?
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    Free Genie Upgrade..

    Got an email offering me a free Genie if I re-up my contract.. Basically what I would want to do is put that in place of one of my regular HD receivers and keep the two HR-24's to give me 9 recording tuners (10 total).. In this case would they give me the SWM16 that I would now need in this...
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    DISH says Give Customers What They Want

    Golden's are awesome. That's the only breed I've ever owned and I will continue to pay a breeder. Golden's (and many other breeds) have so many genetic health problems that you can't afford to buy from anything but a reputable breeder. They are a very common puppy mill breed, and there are very...
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    Die Hard 6 Now Has A Writer and Title

    Ugh. LFODH was the beginning of the DHINO (Die Hard: In Name Only) series.. At this point its just getting stupid. I hope that writer dies of ass cancer.
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    Advice for sirius xm radio with fm transmitter

    Save yourself $15 a month and get Slacker on your phone. Better music stations than XM and only $4 a month. Unless you are looking for the talk/sports... There is no self contained sat radio for the car. They all require antenna and power, and thanks to the FCC the ones that have built in FM...
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    New Directv Commerical

    You are all missing the point of the commercial.. They are highlighting that with the Genie and an RVU TV, you dont need a box or the associated wires at all.
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    DirecTV New HD channel additions and rumors

    Umm, no. They don't need to waste any more bandwidth on channels like that. Next you'll be saying they should have the infomercial channels in HD. Its just stupid.
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    DirecTV New HD channel additions and rumors

    Because nobody gives a flying crap about HSN and QVC in HD.
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    iPhone Info

    Mythbusters did that a few years back too. Basically beat a top of the line biometric lock with a wet photocopy of a fingerprint.
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    What Kind of Cookware is in your Kitchen

    I've never had luck with pre-seasoned cast iron. I have that same grill pan and two Lodge skillets, and I wound up seasoning them anyway. I use the burner from the turkey fryer because it can get the iron screaming hot and I don't have to worry about the lard smoke in the house.. Same with my...
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    HDMI cables with RedMere technology from Monoprice

    ...All of this is EXACTLY what I said before. But unfortunately a certain person is trying to blame his lack of English comprehension on me. Redmere does not convert the transmitted format, nor does it add error correction. Basically it boosts the signal at the source end, then applies...
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    T-Mobile's new contract-free pricing plans are live

    I don't think its their own LTE, I believe they are leasing tower space from AT&T.
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    T-Mobile's new contract-free pricing plans are live

    You need to stop trolling me because you're going to look really stupid. First of all T-Mobile is HSDPA, not plus. It is "enhanced 3g" or "3.5g". They have been claiming to have 4g for at least two years. Second, you are NOT paying less "after the subsidy ends". There is no subsidy, you are...
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    T-Mobile's new contract-free pricing plans are live

    Lol watch any of their commercials for the 4g claim.. And the claim of "undercutting" is in the article in the OP - as well as claimed by John Kotches above "Other companies won't lower your monthly bill after the phone subsidy ends. T-Mobile will"
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    T-Mobile's new contract-free pricing plans are live

    First of all they aren't honest about it. They make no mention anywhere except the fine print. And that's besides the fact that they've been lying about having 4g for years. HSPDA is NOT 4g Second, you are buying the phone outright anyway. When the rent to own is up, the plan price drops into...