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    Update U725

    I've had U275 on my single HWS with a Snap since December according to the diagnostics menu, but in the past week or so it's developed several weird issues. First, sometimes when resuming from standby it comes up with a blank screen. If I go to the guide and then back to live TV, it usually...
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    Is this legit?

    Doesn't Visible restrict video streaming to 480p? People have been using the grey-market AT&T iPad plan for over a year so far and there doesn't seem to be any coordinated effort to put a stop to it.
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    "Expedition Unknown" guide nonsense

    Do we need to start a campaign to notify the program owners that if they don't put a stop to this behavior, we'll quit recording any of their programs? What would be the best way to go about this? Something needs to be done!
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    "Expedition Unknown" guide nonsense

    Once again I see that all episodes are being flagged as new, and three-hour-long blocks are being listed as one episode. Who is responsible for this crap? Is Discovery doing it themselves to try to get more views, or is it only a Dish problem?
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    FYI, just in case it happens again, the exploding avatars and blue screens stopped for me when I selected a style without the Floating Navigation Bar thingy. Well, the blue screens anyway. I still got a quick flash of an exploding avatar once in a while, but nothing like before.
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    A note from Jeff Schumann from Manhattan Digital

    No, but it's not like they haven't had time to upgrade it, they didn't buy it just yesterday. I sometimes wonder why they bought it at all. Their website doesn't know about it, their national call center doesn't know about it, only the regional office knows about it, and some of them don't...
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    A note from Jeff Schumann from Manhattan Digital

    Turbotville, PA. They bought it from a local operator some years ago, but unlike other nearby systems they bought, they never upgraded it to digital. All they did was replace the local headend with a fiber feed from their regional headend. I suspect they never upgraded because everyone who...
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    A note from Jeff Schumann from Manhattan Digital

    Comcast hasn't even bothered to upgrade all their systems to digital yet, let alone gigabit.
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    The light theme isn't rendering right. It was sporadic last night, now today it's broken 100% of the time except on the top-level forum display. The dark theme works fine.
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    WARNING: CBS All Access Prime Video channel not viewable on the Hopper 3

    I see on Reddit that CBS All Access has suddenly stopped working on Linux in browsers that it works in on other OSs. At what point are they considered to have gone from stupid to deliberately user-hostile?
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!
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    R.I.P MHz Worldview

    So news was free, and now, according to the announcement, they don't even have news on the pay service. Really gotta wonder what they were thinking.
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    R.I.P MHz Worldview

    So they have a free streaming channel, but only on Samsung TVs? (I didn't even know Samsung had its own streaming service!) I'm confused though -- I could swear that when they left FTA, they had a free stream on Roku (did me no good though, as I didn't have a Roku at the time -- in fact, I...
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    No, they only go on the air for special events.
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    The NewEgg listing is the biggest database trainwreck ever. How does something like this even happen? Types: Dry Wipes Length sleeves: SM8 Hips: Metal, WMV Size: 100-240V 50/60Hz Material: ABS, Approx 250mA, MPEG-5, 5 hours, DC 12V, 1 x Power Supply, AC3, 1 x V8 Box, Wireless Input...