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    Searching Newegg for DVB-S2 and got a hit for DBPOWER USB DVR. Anyone know about the quality of these? Searched forums but found nothing.
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    Contest: Enter to Win a GEOSATpro microHD STB and SL1PLL LNBF - Ends 5/31/2013 Midnight PDT

    Harvestime At the end of summer my Mammaw (Grandmother) would have most of the grandchildren of her 7 children come to help her harvest a large garden. She had everything starting with carrots up to a vineyard. There was also the dreaded two acres of 'taters we had to dig too. Flying squirrels...
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    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    Going to the Drive-In movies on some rediculously low priced "carload night" in my pajamas with my parents. We parked our station wagon backwards in the spot and fell asleep on pallets (piles of blankets). My parents drove us home asleep in the back without seat belts.
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    Better Choice Cband LNBF or LNB

    Just wondering if the Chapparal was any better. Right now on BBC America I've got 58% on 6' solid dish. I have not messed with C-band much. I talked with Mike Kohl inquiring about some clearance stuff and he suggested some tweaking tips and I went from 28% to 75% on NGC. Some TP seem to be...
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    Better Choice Cband LNBF or LNB

    Subscribed to X4 4DTV I have in use the LNBF - C2 - GEOSATpro C-BAND DUAL OUTPUT 60-70% quality on 6' Fortec solid. Picked up with a dish a Chapparal (co rotator?) with Eagle Aspen Turbo 120 C-band lnb gain 67 db Noise (degree K) 25. Should I switch to the Chapparal/Eagle Aspen and...
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    Channel Master 120 Elevation help

    Pole was straight and plumb and used for 97 before I decided to switch out to the 1.2 M Well it appears I'm on 105 KU band. I'm getting a soccer game posted on a backhaul feed at the symbol rate etc... I read in some other forum (maybe even a thread here) about beam offset. Got impatient...
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    Channel Master 120 Elevation help

    It is a Transmit Receive 1.2 M dish with very long lnb legs that CM proclaims better reception and less bleedover from adjacent sats. There is a chart on the installation manual that makes me question the dishpointer dot com suggestions. I got no quality of any type using dishpointer settings...
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    Channel Master 120 Elevation help

    I finally got time to install a past dish find. I downloaded the installation pdf for the dish and they discuss Longitude and Delta L difference of Satellite Longitude. Looking at the grid, if I'm looking at it right, a stationary dish for 39.6 has an elevation of 75 degrees. Is this...
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    Soon to be new 4dtv subscriber any advice?

    Check Goodwill I got a 920 from Goodwill for $5. Hit G1 for a Master reset and watched the channel count go from 700ish up to 4875. Hopefully everything is ok. Running on 91 degrees right now on a VisionSat (very few channels on the 920). I don't have a mover on it but can later with...
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    Angle Calculation

    I love Galaxy 11 C! Need to get 133 to update 4DTV for a Master Reset. I want to subscribe on W5 after the new year. Does anyone know of a strong transponder there? I didn't see one in the Strong Transponder C Band issue. Manually pointing 6' is tricky. Thanks
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    Angle Calculation

    Thanks __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One night I came home drunk and stuck the car keys in the door. It started up and I got it around the corner where a a cop pulled me over. He...
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    Angle Calculation

    So there is no difference in the elevation setting between prime focus or offset?
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    Angle Calculation

    I did the angle calculation for Cband prime C only and also KU only both came back with same elevations. Is that correct? I want to hit G1 to do a master reset on 4DTV to sub on W5 (not selectable hence the master reset). 6' solid 1.8, old style circular mount from sadoun (not the...
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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    Band Geek Champions My favorite was a whole fall and a bit of the next summer. My Senior year we went undefeated in marching band competitions. A competition every weekend during the fall (we even did a double one weekend and found out our score later). Marched during University of...