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    Locals in Indiana

    Okay, thank you Bobby!
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    Locals in Indiana

    I have no locals. My installer put me on EA because WA had a tree in the way and I wanted HD channels.
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    Locals in Indiana

    Okay I am using 65.5, 72 and 77 sats. I live in Richmond, Indiana and am thinking on "moving". I need locals after "moving" what choices do I have in this area using these sats and spot beam.
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    Echostar 16 at 61.5W

    That would be so nice.
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    Question that appears that Dish customer service could not answer...

    Dish came out to my house and told me there was a neighbors tree blocking one of the sats on the Western arc, so if I went with that one I would not get HD but I would get locals. If I went with the Eastern arc I would get HD but no locals. Of course I went with the HD and no locals and put up...
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    Got a call from "Dish Network Loyalty Dept" for 50% off. Is this legit?

    I got a copy of the email too! Here it is. From time to time we want to remind you about some of our practices with respect to your privacy. Please know that DISH will never call you asking for personal information or information related to your DISH account. This includes the number for any...
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    What about
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    Smart card all 0's

    I got the replacement on 10/22/12. I called and they were supposed to come out on the 21st and replace the box. Well the guy came in the house looked at the 922 and said "I don't have a 922 in the truck. You will have to wait till tomorrow if no one else in this area has one." So the guy...
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    Smart card all 0's

    I was afraid of that.
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    Smart card all 0's

    I just had a 922 installed yesterday and everything was working fine then all of a sudden the smart card had all 0's on it and now we have no TV channels that work except 101. I called Dish and they tried to send a signal after rest and unplugging the unit. Still nothing working. They came...
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    VIP 612K not getting program guide

    I was looking through the program guide and when I got to Thursday 3:30 PM I got a message about the program guide being outdated and it needed to update it. I have had this issue before. My update is set for 4:00 AM. My question is why isn't it updating on its own?
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    Okay, thanks for the answers guys.
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    It's a VIP 612 I have already did a check switch.
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    Sorry to ask this if anyone else has already answered but I have an OTA antenna and on the program guide it says "Digital Service". Is there anyway to fix this issue?
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    Dish app on ios6.

    It must be an iPad issue, my iPhone 3GS running ios 6 is having no issues.