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    1000.2 EA, best way to aim?

    Yes I did do a check switch afterwards. And sorry, I do have the 1000.2 and 1000.4 transposed. It is a 1000.4 eastern arc dish. Which satellite should I pick to try and dial the aim in better? Apparently, 77 wasn't an ideal choice.
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    Dish Remotes Controlling other devices

    The problem is that if the TVs use the same IR code (if they are the same brand/model, then they will use the same codes), there isn't really anything that can be done, other than if you can physically block the line of sight from the remote to the TVs that it shouldn't be controlling.
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    1000.2 EA, best way to aim?

    I am trying to properly aim a 1000.2 EA dish for my mother (See below for full back story). She has two VIP211K receivers. This is in zip code 365xx. After finding signal, I adjusted the aim and elevation for the strongest reading (around 80). I think that was on 77. I verified that all...
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    Dish shuts down Slingbox - Will brick all devices by 2022

    So they claim, just like the RIAA. Perhaps it is cable and satellite and the content providers that are realling killing cable and satellite? Claims about the illegal streaming are just an easy way to pass blame without admitting the failures of their own making...
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    Hopper knows location?

    If you have a Firestick or similar, it might be easier for you to use the DA app instead.
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    Joey Pixelation.

    On the Joey.
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    Joey Pixelation.

    For me, at least, when the Joey has the pixelation, the DA on FireStick does not work usefully either. I was close to canceling until I found out that I could change to an OTA channel, wait a few seconds, then switch back to the channel I was on and the pixelation is gone till the next day.
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    I read in a thread on here recently that this issue has finally been acknowledged by Dish and is now on the list of problems they are working on...
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    Star Trek Dicovery season 1 to air on CBS

    If you have an H3, then you don't need "any" luck, you need lots of luck.
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    Joey pixelation

    Replacing hardware could fix it if it were a hardware problem. I continue to believe (based on the behavior) that it is a software problem.
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    Service Fee for Joey

    You can have five devices, but you can only watch something on one of them at a time, unless I missed a big change...
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    Mydish/chat issue

    Could you try using a different browser?
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    Hopper updates?

    I replaced both phones some time (over a year?) ago. Hers did have a failing battery, but till the update it was charging. (We did also do the discharge/recharge cycles to reset the battery charge gauge.) Mine had a nearly new battery (installed by Apple) and was fine till that last update...
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    Hopper updates?

    Perhaps I used the wrong terms. I guess that now fast charge is defined as over 10 watts (2A@5V). Way back when (yes, I'm kind of old), fast charge to me was 5 watts (1A@5V) and normal was the original USB spec of 2.5 watts (0.5A@5V). So, my iPhone 6's were working fine with the 10 W + chargers...
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    That's all true and a good point, but in this case a site visit isn't going to fix anything. They can swap out boxes, but that won't solve this apparent software bug. There's even a good chance that you won't be able to demonstrate the problem to the guy. I don't know of any way to make it...