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    What did dish offer for you to stay after 2 years?

    Yeah, i went from fios to dish, then back to fios with no contract. I did start looking at direct tv as well because of the free Sunday ticket promo, but even though fios has high equipment fees compared to d, we would have saved no money when you took into account the high up front costs of the...
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    What did dish offer for you to stay after 2 years?

    They offered nothing while i was still a customer, then they started calling and sending me stuff after I had already left and it was too late.
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    new hd channels

    did not notice this until this weekend but they added BBCAmerica HD (689) back in August. Also last Thursday they added Cartoon Network HD (757). The two channels i wanted the most that they were missing in HD so I am happy :).
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    Drop Dish for FiOS

    i have read they are moving to mpeg4 which will allow them to add more channels. Just last week they added 10 HD Spanish channels, so hopefully they will add the English hd channels they are missing soon. sd does not look bad like it does on dish, so its watchable.
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    Drop Dish for FiOS

    that's not fios, they outsource that to other companies, I interviewed for one for which the ad said it was a marketing job, and it was just door to door selling fios.
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    OH NO VERIZON! New shared plans announced

    If you have a nexus you wont need to get a hotspot, the wifi hotspot on your phone is now included in these plans.
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    Drop Dish for FiOS

    you can change programming online as well, in fact you can add it right on the tv too.
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    Drop Dish for FiOS

    i am happy with the switch, and i started out with the 15/5, but as it turns out the 25/25 was the same price and the 35/35 was only $5 more. So last week I upgraded to that and even happier, it is noticeably faster unlike going from 15/5 to 25/25, and later this month most of the tiers will...
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    Returning to Dish as a "New" customer

    Once we cancelled, within a week we got a promo in the mail to come back to dish. They were claiming $400 savings, but $240 of that was hd free for life which i would not count, already had that. Anyway, its $10 off per month for a year, and free showtime for 3 months. IDK about what they will...
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    shipping receivers back

    You can also just ask them to send you the shipping label by email and you can use your own box.
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    DISH Contract Expiring

    yep, exactly what happened to us, canceled and within a week got letter saying they would do "almost anything" to get me to reactivate, lol. Why did they not do that while I was still a customer? I am happy with fios, and even though I have no contract, I am not going to go through another...
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    Did you name your iPad - intentionally or not?

    not an ipad, but my brother calls his hp touchpad Tabatha. I started calling mine that too lol.
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    What is the latest DVR?

    I know you are thinking about going to the hopper, why don't you switch for a few months, try out fios off contract, if you like it stay, if not go back to dish and get the hopper for free as a new customer. or just try it out for a couple of months, go down to welcome pack on dish so you don't...
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    DLP Light Engine issues

    looking more at the inside, i think its a design issue with the tv itself. I mean they have the fan blowing the hot air out of the lamp right into the inside of the tv instead of through the sides where the vents are. no wonder it always overheats. Anyway, I tried to take the fan out but the...
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    DLP Light Engine issues

    Well I took it apart to clean it and it was dirty, but when I put the light back in and turned it on i noticed neither of the fans, the one below the DLP chip and the one in the lamp enclosure, were turning on. Don't think its the power supply as the color wheel was spinning. I did a search and...