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    Getting caller ID

    I've had AT&T, PhonePower, and VoIPo .... it works with all of them. You might just have a lot of callers who block their outgoing caller-id.
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    E! HD and BBCA HD?

    What a joke! You're bitching about an average increase of less than $2/month, including taxes driven by the cable lobby. It's not like they're taking food off your plate. If you want to bitch at least pick a price increase that's dramatic or impacts lives. Groceries and medicines have increased...
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    E! HD and BBCA HD?

    10 years ago gas was less than $2/gallon. Prices for everything can and do increase over time. Singling-out your TV service, essentially entertainment, doesn't make a whole lot of sense IMO.
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    ESPN Sports ????

    Do you really think football season is almost here, with no end in sight for the NFL lockout? I really don't expect camps to open before mid-August, and I'm probably being far too optimistic. Maybe ESPN should make that channel full-time NFL-Court-TV for a while.
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    Cinemagic getting pulled from XM Satellite Radio on 7/1

    Take good notes. This is exactly what would happen if Dish ever succeeds in merging/buying DirecTV.
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    E! HD and BBCA HD?

    No doubt that your comment re: HBO is on accurate, but there's no way I'd consider E! orBBCA "mainstream". I watch a lot of BBCA, and emailed D* more than a year ago asking about BBCA-HD... but less than 20% of the people I know even watch it rarely.
  7. jpn HD on regular TV

    Now that the season is over, how'd it work out for you? I know it's early, but next year I might think about using my PS3 to stream to my tv.
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    Free HD Access for EXISTING customers

    I got a rock. :mad: The CSR insisted that existing customers only get 24 months, and only with auto-pay. That means they're going to show it as a credit on my bill. I told her no way, I'll call another csr tomorrow, and if that doesn't help I'll call time warner and cancel d*. I haven't had...
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    It's (NOT) official everyone gets free HD

    I just got off the phone with them. The CSR emphasized that it's a NEW customer feature. She would give me the Free service today, only for 24 months, and only if I enroll in auto-pay. Somehow "for life" got lost in the shuffle. I told her it might be time for me to call Time Warner Cable, or...
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    Receiver froze up?

    I've got the protection plan, but when I called to activate a replacement H20 (2 years ago) they tacked-on 2 years citing activation of the new device. They said the plan only covers the cost of the replacement equipment, activating still triggered a new commitment.
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    Best time to call for discount

    I'm not in the 'most people' category. I can't stand rehearsed-reality tv. Aside from news I don't care for most of what's on FOX/CBS/NBC/ABC. I'd rather watch a movie I've seen 5 times than edure network TV. In contrast my wife loves FOOD, HGTV, and DIY. We both like original series' on HBO...
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    Cable-versus Directv

    You might do better connecting the 1st TV using component & TOSLINK, then run a 50' HDMI to the other one.
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    Question For SatelliteGuys Members...

    "Hello dear, I just pre-orderd $500 equipment. It doesn't inlude installation or monthly subscription. I don't know what programming is included, but it will not include the original shows you like on HBO, SHO, and STARZ, and won't have the NFL or MLB out-of-market package. We might be able to...
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    Why is EI cheaper from cable?

    My latest eBill from D* arrived yestarday. (4) installments of $44.75 ($179). Today I got a newsletter from Time Warner (my cable broadband provider). They are advertising $169 for the season. D* owns the MLB EI contract and sells distribution rights to the cable ops. I realize it's only $10...
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    DirecTv On Demand

    I've been doing it since the VOD debut. I use s Linksys WRT54G as a 4-port wireles bridge (usually costs less than a gaming adapter) with the HR20 and HDDVD player connected. Primary router is Linksys WRT150N, using WPA (not WEP). Bridge is on 1st floor, access point on 2nd floor, distance is...