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    NBC Sports Live Extra

    So, you have to have Dish or one of the other listed providers, and you have to have AT250 or DishAmerica Gold.
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    NBC Sports Live Extra

    Note that the "NBC Sports Network" is currently only available in Top250 and not available in Dish Latino. I had an email exchange with an exec in Dish Programming, which resulted in him understanding that if nothing changes, the higher package requirement for "NBC Sports Network" plus the...
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    4/24/2013 3:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 88 changes

    Changed package flags while I was watching (press conference). Lol - first time that has happened...
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    DISH Makes offer to buy Sprint (Rescinded)

    I am seeing this as Charlie realizing that Satellite TV is a transitional technology. Right now, we have 1,000 channels being beamed at everyone from $200 million dollar satellites. It's very inefficient. Despite the DVR, it sill partakes of the 1930s idea of "The Vikings are on Sunday at...
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    ‘Spartacus’ War of the Damned

    Since I saw the movie, I'm already spoiled on how it ends. :D
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    bein Sport HD channel request

    Sorry, but you are off the mark on every point. Fox Soccer has the UEFA Champions League for several years (and the FA Cup), so it will not be disappearing. NBC will be showing only 6 EPL games a week on their TV channels, but ALL games will be online. So, unless you are a ManUtd fan, you...
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    Report: NBC Universal front-runner US EPL television rights

    Fox Soccer and ESPN drop out of EPL rights bidding NBC Universal is the likely winner. This is for 2013-16 seasons. See:
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    10/17/2012 4:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 69 changes

    Are you using the Dish DVR menu system to turn on Closed Captioning - or just using the TV remote ?
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    May have to switch back to Dish immediately. Directv sucks.

    The problem with Dish, Directv, cable, the public sector, the private sector, and both parties - is that they are all Homo Sapiens ! Never believe people who say "we need to have _____ organization or _____ company". That jackass installer guy could be your next car mechanic, your next...
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    New 622 L7.12 - All Channels cannot be your default

    Actually Google does the same thing. They have done changes in Google Mail and Google News that have received tens of thousands of complaints, and refuse to allow the user to choose an option to continue to do it the old way. Those changes are very similar to the change in the Dish Guide...
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    Anyone know HOW this new FCC ruling will affect DISH and subs?

    "The FCC let the sharing rule expire and added an exception for cable-owned regional sports networks that show professional and collegiate contests, said two officials who spoke on condition they not be identified because today’s decision hadn’t been made public. Under the exception...
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    New 622 L7.12 - All Channels cannot be your default

    He locked out all current channels that he does not subscribe to and does not want. Then if the Guide is on "All Channels", if Dish adds a new channel to the system (such as the much requested "Fearnet HD"), then it would be the only Red or Green channel in the Guide, easily noticed, so that he...
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    New 622 L7.12 - All Channels cannot be your default

    Actually, they do allow you to choose either My Channels or My HD Channels as default - they just have removed "All Channels" as a choice, and don't include Favorites as a choice, as you say. So, the code is there to allow users to choose whichever list they want as a default. To be specific...
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    New 622 L7.12 - All Channels cannot be your default

    I can see that "My Channels" is best for New customers, but I don't see any reason for removing it as a "choice" for default. Aside from the guide color issue (lol), I like being able to see what other channels are available for subscription.
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    New 622 L7.12 - All Channels cannot be your default

    More corporate flunkeys forcing consumers to do whatever is best for the bottom line. Looks like we will all be "batteries" eventually...