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    Wher to find an HR23?

    I've got a few HR23s on my truck as well. If you want one that bad, schedule D* to come out. Turn the tech away if he doesn't have the receiver. lol.
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    D11 receiver problem

    I had this problem with a D12 on a job last week. Chances are, you are probably missing transponders or there is something in the line that is preventing the information from the download from reaching the receiver. Check all transponders, and force a download with the 02468 on the "hello"...
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    2 D12-700 within IR line-of-sight

    Nice. Good to know my technical support goes past assisting other technicians over the phone when they call me. lol.
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    2 D12-700 within IR line-of-sight

    Go into menu/settings/setup, and then scroll down to remote. In there, go to receiver mode, and change the mode from Directv to AV1 or AV2. From there, you will need to have the remote reprogrammed. Keep the remote on the Directv button, and hold mute and select for 5 seconds. Try the following...
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    Help on Remote

    A slim chance. Samsung is usually good with our codes.
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    Help on Remote

    If you still need to program the remote to the Samsung, slide the mode switch over to TV. Hold mute and select for 5 seconds, and the TV light should blink twice. The following codes are listed to work with a Samsung: 10060, 10812, 10702, 10178, 10030, 11959, 11903, 11575, 11395, 11312, 11249...
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    TracVision R4SL "RF Error"

    I would suggest that he double checks his connections. If connections are crossed, or connected in the wrong slots/ports, then he could be getting an error from that. Did his product come with a manual with the common problems/troubleshooting actions in the back?
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    Remote color keys & forced strech mode

    With channels with interactive features, you need to press the exit key to cancel the interactive portion of it (such as the red button for the scoreguide on ESPN). After tuning to the channel and pressing exit, your receiver should autotune like normal.
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    Installers Care?

    I'd just have them come out. Tell them you have X amount of active lines, and you are only seeing a problem on that receiver. With an HD DVR, it could be a number of things- dish alignment, corroded/improper fittings, or a multiswitch if applicable. As an HSP tech, I know I don't inspect the...
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    Max number of IRD's you can have?

    That sounds pretty close to accurate. As a technician, we are not informed to look for X amount of receivers on an account and to report it (then again, such a policy could be enforced from call centers instead) but yeah, I've seen homes with upwards of 8 active receivers (one of which was...
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    Mastec Duluth Ga. has voted in the union

    I would assume that if the customer got a free installation, it would be DTV that would be held liable as a company seeing that they received the product from DTV. As for an upgrade, they usually have to pay DTV in advance, so I would assume that the same rules would apply. The immediate sub...
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    2 year commitment

    Isn't that what most other companys do that provide television service? DirecTV, Dish, Cable, Fios? You sign a commitment agreement, usually for 2 years. You "lease" the equipment, as in you give it back when you're done using it. On the satellite end, I believe they are leasing equipment to...
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    Replacement HR-20

    That's why I threw out the suggestion to get one from Best buy as well. The situation is completely controllable. If you want an upgraded model, there's a few options. If you really don't care what you get, then you can let DTV ship you one. It's that simple. Or he could try to ebay one and just...
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    questions about phase III dish install

    If the DVR is the only unit in the house, then you can just swap your dish out for a phase III (Triple sat) dish. If you have a multi switch (presumably a 3x4) then you will need to run two additional lines out of the triple sat to a ground block.
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    Replacement HR-20

    You shouldn't have called DirecTV and had them mail you a replacement. Being that you have the protection plan, you should have requested a service call and just let the tech bring a new HR22-23 off of his truck. Or you should have went to Best Buy and bought one yourself, if you are that...