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    CE's for the weekend of 3.19

    I guess I don't feel so bad then LOL
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    CE's for the weekend of 3.19

    Hoping there is a version for this week. The last 3 weekends I have been out of town for the weekend on business
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 3/12

    Doh I have missed the last 3 because i have been out of town I hope there is a new one tonight!!!
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    I'm having what I consider a weird issue. I have 2 R22's (living room and bedroom) Both are connected with 2wire wireless adapters. I can see play lists on either tv. If I'm in the living room I can play anything from the bedroom just fine. But If i go to the bedroom and attempt to watch...
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 1/22

    I'm getting some serious lag tonight but not sure if it's cause by MRV or not yet It was the copy of Sancutary that was 2 hours long. Hard drive is sitting at 62% free
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    CE's for the weekend of 1.22

    my first time trying this i hope i do it right
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    Remote issues

    Ahh good to know... It's a rc64.. Input is a nice feature.. I'll just have to think and ask the better half which she wants better. I have a Universal for DVD an Inputs if it's needed anyways
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    Remote issues

    No actually I haven't tried that. I have a Toshiba TV in the Living Room where as the Sharp (it works fine) is in the bedroom. Let me try that.
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    Remote issues

    I'm a brand new customer (less then one week). I'm currently having a issue with one of my remote on controlling the TV. The remote will control the TV Volume Mute and Inputs. What it will not do it turn the tv off when hitting the master Off Button. It flashes theDVR then the TV lights at the...
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    New Directv Customer (Mar 4)

    I'm due to be installed on March 4. Currently I'm just signed up for the SD package and receiving 2 SD DVR's. What I'm wondering is What model are they currently using?