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    does anyone remember the Ohio News Network?

    I miss ONN never watched it on satellite but had it on Time Warner cable. Stinks that it was not profitable for the former owners of WBNS-TV (The Wolfe family) to continue. They ran it out of a double-wide trailer next to the WBNS Studios in Columbus :)
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    AT&T To Buy DIRECTV for $67 Billion

    I have UVerse for TV so I am mixed how I feel about this whole deal.. As long as my IPTV service stays as is (or gets additional channels) I am fine. I see this really as a way for AT&T to have their own service provider to offer video to rural areas (or areas they don't want to upgrade to...
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    AT&T To Buy DIRECTV for $67 Billion

    Both D* and AT&T already "outsource" a majority of their telephone customer service.. I doubt much will change.
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    Blockbuster to close all 300 remaining stores and distribution centers by end of December 2013 or ea

    Times are a changing' in the rental industry .. Honestly BB would have been gone a lot sooner if it wasn't for Dish propping it up for this period of time. (I know here in Columbus MOST of the BB's closed around the time Dish was getting ready to take over) .. In fact they bulldozed a few of...
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    DISH introduces new Business Package with ESPN

    It's quite popular to do so... one of the wing joints I frequently visit has their HD TV's hooked up via Composite cables to DirecTV boxes.
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    If you could only aim at one sattelite which one would it be?

    If I still had Dish and had to point at one slot. I would point at 119 likely.
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    Outage due to sun

    As a kid I was always amused by the sun fade each year.. Would watch the good o' analog C-Band signals on cable fade to static then eventually the cable company would put up a cheesy slide with a "sun" on it explaining the issue.
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    Need Disney HD to switch

    My guess is not IF they make up but WHEN.. all programmers want their programming in as many eyes as possible.. It's realistically only a matter of time before ABC/Disney and Dish become 'pals' again.
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    Starz outage.

    Can't blame dish on this one.. It was an issue with Starzz itself.. also was out on AT&T UVerse.
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    Porn pop up dish network, I kid you not.

    Dish just wants you to get excited about what it has to offer!!!
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    RRsat Signs Contract With Russia Today For Global Distribution Of RT HD Channels

    I find it interesting "Russia Today in Spanish" ... What would most Spanish speakers want to watch about Russia?
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    A 'cool' VIP222K

    Hey now... Uncle Charlie wants you to cook your VIP222K so you can "pay" for the latest hopper or something :P
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    Dish And The Dream Of Internet TV

    ALACart option would only mean you would actually pay more.. I am kinda happy with getting 200 channels for X dollars a month..
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    Tropical Storm News channel

    Was watching WWL at work earlier here in OH (My employer has a DirectTV Commercial account) and we get the "Isaac Channel" While WWL Streams their news online it was cool seeing it on the tv... Surprised Charlie isn't doing something like this.. Guess he doesn't want to pay someone to sit...
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    Ohio News Network to Cease Operation August 31..

    I don't mean to pull out this old thread.. but I thought maybe folks here would be interested in knowing that a FTA favorite of the past [before it went fiber only], ONN is finally hanging up it's towl for good... August 31st the Ohio focused cable news network will sign off.. Dispatch reports...