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    New VIP211K with existing EHD

    It tuned out it was a faulty power supply for the EHD. New power supply and everything is functional.
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    New VIP211K with existing EHD

    I just received a new VIP211K to replace an existing VIP211. The receiver works fine but it will not recognize the EHD that I had on the old VIP211. I attached 2 EHD with no luck. I attached a flash drive to make sure the USB port was active and it was. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Changing TV Input on Hopper

    Sorry Zach, not Matt. Thanks again for the help.
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    Changing TV Input on Hopper

    Matt, that was it. I wish they would put that in the manual.
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    Changing TV Input on Hopper

    I've looked in the manual but cannot figure out how to change the TV input on the Hopper/Joey remote.
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    2nd Dish at same address?

    I'm in the same boat. I have a detached garage that sits 125' from the house. It's tied into the main house panel, not a different residence. I was told it needs a separate account a few years ago. I installed an new dish and got an additional receiver. It too bad I can't get a Hopper system. If...
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    Hopper Fan noise and Energy usage

    I think I remember someone quoted about 60 watts for the 722. If true, I would save 2x (622) 10 watts x 24 hours x 365 days x.35/kwatt = $60 savings per year. Not bad at all. Thanks statmanrich.
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    Hopper Fan noise and Energy usage

    Now that the Hopper has been out for a couple of days, any updates on Hopper noise (Hard Drive Fan) compared to the 722/622. Also, any early power readings. I have 2 622s and 2 211s and need a slight push to go the H/J setup. By the way, my monthly rate would drop $6 if I upgraded.
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    Answers to your Hopper Questions

    OK, let's see if we can get another question answered. On March 15th, as a new Customer, do you have a choice of the Hopper/Joey setup or a VIP setup or just a Hopper/Joey setup.
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    L710 for ViP622 Today (12/06)

    Any update. My 622s both have the same issue. I've tried the setup change but it doesn't fix it.
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    Dish 1000.2 Problem (can't find the 129)

    RTCDude, thanks for the step by step instructions. I also got a dish that the elevation was stamped incorrectly. Followed your instructions and didn't get a signal. Pulled the Dish 500 off the ground, replacing with a Dish 1000.2 from Dishstore, and found the elevation on the old Dish was 9...
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    Bad News For Dish

    Navychop, You're right. All I do is watch more programs in HD than ever while hours of programming are backed up on the DVR ready for viewing. This doesn't suck.
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    Splitting Signal From 1 Receiver

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    Echostar Launch Party TONIGHT!

    My dad worked at JFK Space center at the time. Probably 6 or 7 miles out.
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    Echostar Launch Party TONIGHT!

    That's what I was told.