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    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    July 23rd at 7am
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    VIP722-NEED HELP- 1 receiver, three tvs?

    And remember that the other TV needs to be on the same TV channel as the other one. Mine is 71 or something.
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    VIP722-NEED HELP- 1 receiver, three tvs?

    We are doing the same thing. I just have the coax from the TV2 out on the receiver going into a splitter where all the coax meets at the house, which then has two coax lines coming out of the splitter that goes to two bedrooms. All the coax was already in place so we just changed what things...
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    Finally discovered, E* “turbo charge” changed my 1080i setting to 480p!

    It is but the software hasn't been rolled out everywhere yet. I am still on the 613 software and still have the problem. If anyone knows how to force an update that would help.
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    Picture only in corner of screen/722

    I have a 622 with the same bug so I guess it is in the Turbo update they got. Was trying to figure it out for a couple days now thanks for the info.
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    AT&T Demands Payment On $500 Million DISH Note

    If ATT drops dish from their bundle service we will just move it directly through dish. Then we would qualify for the cinemax deal.
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    question: Samsung plasma or Sony LCD?

    We have a 50" samsung plasma and haven't had any problems with it. Samsung even mentions that this generation of plasmas don't need a burn in period but we went online and used suggested picture settings for burn in for 200 or so hours before we set it up the way we wanted. If something is on...
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    Dish on Demand on 622 & 722

    The 622 should have plenty of room to download an HD movie from on demand, the extra GBs on the 722 would just let you download more.
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    DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 5/13/2008 11:08pm - Last 5 VOOMs removed

    Damn, I had a bunch of movies set to record. Why get rid of the Voom channels if you aren't going to put anything in their place?
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    Dish Network Earnings Call

    We love the Voom movie channels. If they go there is nothing similar to take their place. If this keeps up we will just downgrade to the HD only pack for the remainder of our contract.
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    Uplink Activity 5/12/08 11:55 PM EDT 10 VOOMs gone.

    We watched several shows and movies on the removed channels and are sad to see them go.
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    Comedy Channel HD?

    I don't see it happening anytime soon. The Daily Show and Colbert Report don't even have an HD system setup and most other shows aren't filmed or made in HD. There just isn't any reason for them to make the switch.
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    DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 4/18/2008 4:27pm - 2 changes

    The doctor who episode looks SD to me.
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    Voom hd movies coming may 1st

    I'm not sure anyone knows exactly what they are going to do but the rumor is that they are retooling the filmfest channel.
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    For those who would like to Track AMC14

    A bit of a scare but now I can go to bed. I hope it gets to it's intended orbit.