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    Why didn't we ditch TWC when we had the chance?

    TWC- the weather equivalent of MTV.
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    TWC customer- would a 2H/2J conversion be seamless?

    Current Time Warner Cable customer...two DVRs and two slave units...whole house DVR accessibility. Question-- would the installation of a multiple Hopper/Joey setup be relatively seamless? I seem to recall reference to the Dish system needing two coax to each box throughout the house? This...
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    How long with Dish?

    I was looking at a 2H/3J setup...
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    How long with Dish?

    1996. Regrettably I am ending my relationship as a Dish tech was out this morning at the home into which I just moved and determined the install would be quite complex and potentially would require holes to be drilled into my walls, vents reconfigured, etc. Unfortunately the builder of this...
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    Program guide off by one hour

    Thanks for the suggestions. You guys were on the right path...actually dahenny nailed it. I am moving in a couple of weeks and recently scheduled the new install at the home to which I'm moving. I checked my online profile at the Dish website and I am already being shown as living in the new...
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    Program guide off by one hour

    Just tried this and it didn't resolve. Weird.
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    Program guide off by one hour

    The program guide/receiver time has been off by one hour since Sunday. I thought it might be a premature DST shift, but the time is one hour behind- not ahead as I would expect in the spring when the time changes. Any others experiencing this erroneous time shift? Thanks.
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    Am I ready for Hoppers and Joeys (plus cable internet)?

    I have attached a picture I took of the network panel box at the home into which I am moving. I would appreciate understanding what I can expect as a result of this wiring configuration. The rooms in the house all have faceplates with a combination of R45 and coax outlets (no real consistency-...
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    Adding Hoppers/Joeys to existing home wiring

    I am moving into a five-year old home in a couple of weeks. I have yet to thoroughly investigate the home's wiring but understand it is set up similarly to most newer homes in that every room is wired with a faceplate enabling connectivity to a couple of CAT 5e outlets and a Coax connection or...
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    What should I do with older Dish receivers?

    Thanks for the input. I have a 510, 508, 501, and 2200. I am going to PM you on a related matter.
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    What should I do with older Dish receivers?

    One additional question...should I leave the Smartcards in the receivers or should I retain possession of them? I assume someone else using these receivers would obtain new Smartcards from Dish but I'm uncertain. Thanks.
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    What should I do with older Dish receivers?

    Thanks. I have sent a PM such that we can work out the details. Thanks to all for the advice regarding.
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    What should I do with older Dish receivers?

    I've been a Dish customer since 1995 or so...and have accumulated a number of receivers over the years. My current receivers are leased but prior to that the half dozen or so receivers I have amassed were not. I am moving in the next several weeks and am curious as to the options that might be...
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    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    Just got the Roku (no HDMI cable) and $10 off/12 months. Impressed so far with the Roku unit.
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    My 722K has suddenly gone south in past two days - freezes during playback and reboots itself

    Replacement arrived last night and it was a refurbished VIP 722. The replacement process has improved from the last time I had to swap out a failed receiver years ago as the instructions were quite lucid (kudos to Dish). It took about an hour to get everything up and running again and at this...